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Easy to get around

Prioritising paths and cycle routes over roads is one of the ways we make our developments easy to get around, however you travel. We also make them easy to navigate. This means you will quickly be able to find your way to the local school and shops, and other areas you’re likely to want to visit regularly.

Healthy and safe places

We actively encourage healthier lifestyles by prioritising walking and cycling over driving. Our networks of safe, attractive routes mean you are more likely to leave the car at home for short, regular journeys. Our places are designed for safety too, with lots of speed bumps and cul-de-sacs to encourage slower, safer driving and give pedestrians peace of mind.

Designed to be easy

Life is better when you can find your way around with ease. Our well-designed, well-lit streets connect our developments to local amenities, like workplaces and community destinations. We also work hard to make our routes distinct, which helps with navigation. On our Garden Villages developments, you shouldn’t need to leave for the basics, as we’ve developed pubs, shops and other amenities on-site.

Pedal power

Jumping on a bike or walking to the shops is not only better for the environment, it’s also better for you. The innovative way we design our developments positively encourages you to get to nearby places under your own steam. By incorporating walking and cycling routes, we invite our residents to reconsider their habits and share the onus of sustainability.

By prioritising walking and cycling over cars, and managing safe vehicle speeds, we will create safe and healthy streets within our developments

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Read details of our range of transport links near – or within – our developments, learn some hints and tips on safe cycling for the whole family or find out why we make forever homes.

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Keeping it local

We keep it local by using local materials, like natural stone, to blend in, and providing footpaths to connect our developments to wildlife corridors.

Streets for life

However much you love your Redrow home, you’ll also find the immediate area just as enticing, thanks to attractive streets that promote walking and cycling and playing.

Places to go

By connecting to local workplaces and everyday facilities, our developments form an integral part of thriving, balanced communities.

Nature for people

We incorporate the best of the area’s natural features and add greenery and waterways to enhance our developments.

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