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Keeping it local

Our developments respond to what is important locally. We stitch them into the landscape by using colours and textures that mirror other houses in the area, by working with the landform and existing features. This is what we mean when we say we’re keeping it local.

A mirror to the landscape

When we see a view, we want to make the most of it. When we see a local landmark, we want to incorporate it, where possible. We connect our developments to wildlife corridors to help keep you connected to nature. Our communities are sensitive to their surroundings and give residents an immediate sense of place.

Adapting to history

When we saw all the beautiful, natural stone used around Horsforth Vale, near Leeds, we knew we had to incorporate it within our Horsforth Vale development. The addition of York stone in the homes and dry stone walls through the site are a sympathetic nod to the local area and give the development an instant sense of legacy.

Connected to existing community

It’s not all about materials and design. Keeping it local is about people. We love to connect with pre-existing communities and work closely with them to find out what we can do to help and improve the wider area; from investments in sports facilities, to new transport links.

Understanding the unique and important characteristics of the site and its locality helps us to create a distinctive and responsive sense of place.

Continue reading about keeping it local

You can discover a lot more about how we keep it local below. Our master planner, Kevin Parker, explains the thinking that goes into our bespoke developments. We also provide lots of advice on what you can do to settle into your new Redrow home. And, you can learn everything about your new home.

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Easy to get around

Our easy-to-navigate developments encourage you to connect with the surrounding community.

Streets for life

However much you love your Redrow home, you’ll also find the immediate area just as enticing, thanks to attractive streets that promote walking and cycling and playing.

Places to go

By connecting to local workplaces and everyday facilities, our developments form an integral part of thriving, balanced communities.

Nature for people

We incorporate the best of the area’s natural features and add greenery and waterways to enhance our developments.

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