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Nature for people

At Redrow, we connect natural spaces with wildlife corridors that bring you closer to nature. Most people enjoy being in natural environments and benefit physically and mentally from spending time outdoors. As part of our planning process, we look to enhance wildlife habitats, as well as create new ones.

Nature on the doorstep

You are much less likely to appreciate and interact with nature regularly if it’s hard to reach. This is why we design our developments in a way that makes nature accessible. The natural spaces we either enhance or create are multi-functional, which means you’re more likely to connect with them and spend more time there.

Dedicated partnerships

We safeguard the native species in our developments through long-term management and education programmes. We prioritise species that are local to the areas we develop to increase biodiversity. For example, at our Saxon Brook development in Devon, we planted 70 apple trees to help support bees. Redrow are proud and long-standing partners of the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust.

An improved environment

Of course, it is inevitable that some disruption occurs whenever we develop. We counterbalance this by always striving to achieve a net positive increase in biodiversity. To assess this, we measure the biodiversity before and after we develop each site to record the success of our strategy.

The sensitive retention and incorporation of natural features which provide nature for people has benefits for existing biodiversity and wildlife. It also provides benefits for mental health as well as learning about nature.

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Ever wondered which plants and herbs you could use in the kitchen while you’re out on a country stroll? Our forager’s guide provides a range of hints and tips to help you distinguish the good, from the bad and the ugly. We also look at the top threats to the UK’s wildlife and explain what we do to help protect it and the phenomenon of green buildings and discuss how they are breathing life back into urban developments.

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Keeping it local

We keep it local by using local materials, like natural stone, to blend in, and providing footpaths to connect our developments to wildlife corridors.

Easy to get around

Our easy-to-navigate developments encourage you to connect with the surrounding community.

Streets for life

However much you love your Redrow home, you’ll also find the immediate area just as enticing, thanks to attractive streets that promote walking and cycling and playing.

Places to go

By connecting to local workplaces and everyday facilities, our developments form an integral part of thriving, balanced communities.

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