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Places to Go

A thriving community can only be achieved with connections; to other people and places you use on a regular basis, like work and other facilities. Creating community spaces near our developments helps you get there and socialise regularly.

Close to where you want to be

The places you use often should be as close as possible. Being nearby not only encourages you to use such facilities regularly, it also encourages you to get there under your own steam. This works in harmony with another of our principles; to prioritise walking and cycling over driving.

Built for you

Of course, it’s not always possible to create a development near a school or other places you use regularly. This is why – on our larger developments – we often provide such buildings ourselves. Where it’s viable, we may also build retail spaces and create employment opportunities.

Ground to plate

Places to go don’t have to be far away. All our developments have public open space and some even have allotments too. Our places have been designed so that you and your family can live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and growing your own food is part of that. Growing your own can also teach youngsters about the importance of nutrition and environmental issues.

By providing places to go and things to do we create opportunities for social interaction and contribute to a sense of community.

More about places to go

Learn about growing your own food on a windowsill, in your garden or on an allotment. Get tasty recipe ideas to help you make the most of your freshly grown produce. Or, hear from people who love living the Redrow way.

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See how else we create a better way to live

Keeping it local

We keep it local by using local materials, like natural stone, to blend in, and providing footpaths to connect our developments to wildlife corridors.

Easy to get around

Our easy-to-navigate developments encourage you to connect with the surrounding community.

Streets for life

However much you love your Redrow home, you’ll also find the immediate area just as enticing, thanks to attractive streets that promote walking and cycling and playing.

Nature for people

We incorporate the best of the area’s natural features and add greenery and waterways to enhance our developments.

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