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Streets for life

As you open your front door in the morning, the street is quite likely to be the first thing you notice. This is why we aim to make it as attractive and welcoming as possible. We line many of our streets with trees and other green features. Our well-lit streets also prioritise cycling and walking over driving. Visually impaired and elderly people, in particular, appreciate the fact we design shared surfaces that are safer for everyone to use.

Serious kerb appeal

When you walk into a home that has been decorated by a professional interior designer, you tend to appreciate the thoughtful use of space, the colour schemes and the textures used. All the different elements really come together. They just fit. You can get a similar feeling when you walk around a Redrow development. Our mixed house types use a simple, coordinated palette of materials to create varied, harmonious streets.

Leafy streets

There is a growing body of evidence supporting the idea that nature doesn’t simply look good: it also enhances people’s mental health and well-being. This is why we provide tree-lined streets and other landscape features, viewable from the homes we build within our developments. This is good for nature, can be good for local wildlife and is also good for you.

Part of the furniture

The exterior design of our homes is inspired by the arts and crafts era, meaning they feel like they’ve been there for a long time. Our homes and communities are permanent and we want to give residents that feeling from the minute they arrive. Most people wouldn’t think of Kingsmead, Northwich, as a housing development, they rightfully see it as an established village. This is a testament to the design and quality in which it was crafted.

A network of safe and attractive streets for life will encourage healthy lifestyles with benefits for mental and physical health. The careful design and arrangement of homes and landscaping will create places for living that people are proud to call home.

Keep learning about streets for life

We look at the benefits of neighbourliness, as we discuss some of the community spirit our developments offer and look the interesting world of 'pond dipping' The third article in this series discusses the making of Ode To A Road, the poem we commissioned that sums up in verse what it means to live the Redrow way.

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See how else we create a better way to live

Keeping it local

We keep it local by using local materials, like natural stone, to blend in, and providing footpaths to connect our developments to wildlife corridors.

Easy to get around

Our easy-to-navigate developments encourage you to connect with the surrounding community.

Places to go

By connecting to local workplaces and everyday facilities, our developments form an integral part of thriving, balanced communities.

Nature for people

We incorporate the best of the area’s natural features and add greenery and waterways to enhance our developments.

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