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Energy Efficient New Homes

Looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle and save on your energy bills? Our newest homes can save you £2,575 a year on your energy bills compared to a second hand home*. Our ‘Fabric First’ approach to building homes means energy efficiency is built into their fabric through advanced insulation and efficient heating systems.

We’re honoured to be one of only 37 UK companies included in TIME magazine and Statista’s inaugural list of the ‘World’s Most Sustainable Companies’. Learn more below about what makes a new Redrow energy efficient and the difference between our Eco Now and Eco Electric homes.

New homes designed for energy efficiency

Eco Electric

Heated by an air source heat pump, our new generation Eco Electric homes come with future-ready efficient features like underfloor heating as standard on the ground floor and offers significant improvements in heat loss vs older homes.


Energy Efficiency

Eco Now

From efficient insulation, A-rated gas boilers, smart heating controls, double-glazed windows and much more, our Eco Now homes are packed with features that will keep your home warmer, while costing less, for years to come.


Are new build homes more energy efficient?

Our new homes typically have an Energy Certificate Rating (EPC) of B which is higher than the UK average of D. So, moving to an energy-efficient new home by Redrow makes living a low energy life much easier.


How are new build homes more energy efficient?

Our highly efficient ‘Fabric First’ approach to building homes helps reduce energy usage compared to older properties. From the way every new home is laid out and the materials we use to build it to the high-specification doors, windows and heating systems we use, everything is designed to retain heat in the home.

If you’re looking to go a step further, you can upgrade your home to include solar panels and more using My Redrow.


How much cheaper is it to run a new build home?

Research by the HBF, based on EPC ratings, suggests that buyers of efficient new build houses saved an average of £2,575* on their annual energy bills last year.


Why do up an old house if you can buy a new home?

If you think you can achieve the same level of energy efficiency by renovating an older property quickly and cheaply, it’s time to think again. The average cost of renovating a three-bedroom house to modern standards is around £70,000**. Don’t forget about all the extra costs like architects and planning too.

However, buying a new build doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice character and charm. If you’re looking for a home packed with Arts and Crafts Era-inspired character and kerb appeal but with the energy performance and open plan living spaces of new homes, it’s time to explore our Heritage Collection.

Want to know more?

If you're looking to learn more about how we’re building homes which are better by design with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind or want some top tips on how you can save even more on your energy bills, check out the articles below.

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Research by the HBF, based on EPC ratings, suggests that buyers of new build houses could have saved an average of £2,575* on their annual energy bills last year. HBF Report - Watt a Save

** Redrow - 10 Green Reasons

*** Checkatrade - How much does it cost to renovate a house?