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A Guide To The Best Crafty Easter Gifts

Written by Redrow

29 Mar 2021

You may think the only Easter gifts worth indulging in are made of chocolate… and the chocoholics amongst us would probably agree. However, a hand-crafted gift can be a healthier and personal alternative. Or why not buy your creative friends and family members a craft set to make something themselves? Here are some of the best craft gift ideas to buy or make yourself. 

Homemade florals

Faux and dried florals are a huge interior trend at the moment, as seen in all of our latest Show homes. You can get creative and make a really personal gift for a loved one by crafting a dried Easter bouquet or wreath. If you’re not sure where to buy faux, dried and paper flowers, there are lots of online retailers like Fox Flowers that offer a great selection. 

Or why not pick and hand press your own flowers and foliage to make unique prints and place them in a new or vintage frame. You can buy beautiful flower presses at Not on the High Street or simply use parchment paper and some heavy books. If you don’t know how to press flowers, just look for online tutorials to get started.  

Garden art

Now we’re enjoying more time outdoors, it’s the perfect time to create handcrafted items to adorn a loved one’s garden or your own. Asda stock a wonderfully affordable wind chime you can paint yourself or you can buy mobile / wind chime making kits from Little Crafty Bugs and add the embellishments of your choice. Why not forage for natural items on your next walk and hang them from a homemade frame with coloured leaves in all shapes and sizes, feathers or faux petals.  

Woven handmade items are still big news in the design world and they’re potentially easier to make, especially with so many kits on the market to help you get started. MakeBox and Co sell a wide range of tassel weaving items and you can find a great choice of macramé pot hanging kits on Etsy. We also love this this Bunny Rope Art kit – perfect for Easter! 

Creative reuse projects

Creative reuse – otherwise known as upcycling – is the art of finding new uses for items you might otherwise throw away.

Painted tin cans or glass jars and bottles can make lovely vases or pen pots and what could be more personal than giving a gift of your own design? If you’re not a dab hand with a paint brush, fear not, spray paint is a fun, easy way to quickly transform a piece but still create wonderful results. Just make sure the paint you choose is suitable for the surface you’re painting. The Range offers a wide choice of glass paints. They also sell a glass painting starter kit or a metallic rock painting kit, which both make great Easter presents.

Chocoholics rejoice

Ok, we know we said these were alternatives to chocolate gifts, but it wouldn’t be Easter without something sweet. There are lots of gift sets that provide everything you need to decorate your own Easter eggs, which are great fun for children and adults alike. We particularly like these Chocolate Egg Heads from choconchoc. Or for a more ‘grown up’ gift, why not make your own Chocolate London?  Alternatively, you could ‘cheat’ your way to a lovely, personalised chocolate gift by making your own bag or box to put your shop-bought sweet treats in. 

Whatever you choose to make this Easter, we hope you have fun creating. We’d love to see your handcrafted items in your Redrow home. Tag us - @redrowhomes - in your photos on Instagram.