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Behind-the-scenes of Styling a Redrow Show Home

Written by Interior Design

8 Mar 2019

We’re often asked about the design inspiration behind our show homes and what goes into fulfilling those designs.

Cue opening up the doors to the beautiful Warwick Lifestyle, Leamington Lifestyle and Richmond properties at Blaise Park in rural Oxfordshire, to an invited audience of customers, bloggers and social media influencers. There, our Head of Interior Design, Emma Brindley, elaborated on some of the ways her team achieves that ‘ultimate show home’ look.

Black is huge this year and is a great colour choice for accessories and furniture.

Happy Place

“We’ve got a certain feel, a consistency that our customers know and love,” said Emma. “We’re always pushing to the next level, looking for the next thing and incorporating bits that they’ve never seen before, that you don’t just find on the high street. “When people open the door to one of our show homes, they feel that they can move in straight away. We put them in their ‘happy place’!”

Inspiration Aplenty

Emma told guests how Redrow is always looking for new ideas and members of her team regularly attend design exhibitions in places like Paris and Milan, or closer to home in London, Manchester and Birmingham, to see what’s ‘on trend’. They also do a lot of forecasting to capture the next trends nice and early. And this is always reflected in the stylists’ mood boards.

“Nature, which is all around us, is the best inspiration and can be seen in our choice of earthy tones like terracotta and moss green. We also look at the lifestyles of the people who would most likely live in our homes and adapt the styling to suit them. So for a four-bedroom home like the Richmond, we might be thinking about a professional couple in their 40s with two teenage children. They’d be fairly affluent, it would be very much an aspirational purchase and we’d accessorise the home accordingly,” Emma explained

Colour Choices

Talk inevitably turned to colours and what’s in vogue for this season – a favourite topic of Emma’s: “It’s all about neutrals and we’re also seeing the return of warm browns and combining those with metallics such as brass and gold. Black is huge this year and is a great colour choice for accessories and furniture. It’s got that gorgeous classical feel and you can also go ultra-contemporary too.”Emma cited examples of beautiful black furniture with chrome handles in the Leamington Lifestyle show home, or the use of black mirrors, frames, lamps and other accessories in the Warwick Lifestyle. “We’re putting the black into the interior design – but only ever so slightly,” she added.

Textures Too

Guests also heard how materials and finishes are just as important as colours: “Textured weave upholstery blends perfectly with wood to create wonderful dining chairs, for example. And we work very closely with our suppliers to develop special floor and wall tile ranges and kitchen choices, with a look, feel and finish that we are happy with – and we know that our customers will love.”They say action speaks louder than words and guided tours of the three beautiful show homes certainly reinforced Emma’s words. And, naturally, the post-talk refreshments were as fancy as the interiors!

Click here to watch the full Open House film.