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Community Spirit Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Written by Redrow

20 Jan 2021

It’s fantastic to see community spirit coming to the fore over the past year in all corners of the UK. Community is at the heart of everything we do at Redrow. Our purpose is to create a better way to live for everyone who moves into our homes each year

Designed for a better way to live

We believe that really good places to live are only created when the design concept starts with the needs and aspirations of you - the people who will live there.

Tailoring our developments so they enhance your wellbeing and provide opportunities to help you to maintain healthy lifestyles is central to this. That’s why we include plenty of green spaces to be enjoyed by people and nature alike such as village greens, play areas, wildlife habitats, nature trails and parkland.

Our aim is create places people can be proud of, that blend well with their wider surroundings and provide options for people to meet and socialise.

Eight ways to create thriving communities

To ensure every development we create becomes a thriving community we follow eight principles – “The Redrow 8”.

1. We listen to learn

For every development we build we listen to the needs of the surrounding community and what you, our new homeowners, will be looking for from the place you live. This helps us to design sensitively and respond to local needs.

2. We keep it local  

Every area has its own sense of identity; a unique character that shines through in its people, streets, parks and buildings. We embrace the individual makeup of a neighbourhood and design our developments to stitch into this, reflecting what is important to you.

3. We make places easy to get around

Life is much simpler when you’re well-connected to the places you want to go. We create new walking and cycling routes so you can lead a happier, healthier life.

4. We create places to go and things to do

There’s so much more to our developments than just new homes - like playgrounds, allotments, outdoor gyms and nature trails (to name but a few!). All places where you can meet your neighbours and build a strong sense of community.

5. We provide nature for people

Our developments incorporate new and enhanced wildlife habitats to increase biodiversity so there’s always a green space nearby where you can immerse yourself in nature - which is proven to boost your mood! 

6. We design streets for life

Street are an essential part of creating safe, attractive and friendly places to live, where you can socialize, exercise and feel a sense of belonging. We take time designing our streets, homes and landscaping so people can feel proud of their neighbourhood.

7. We build homes for all

By providing a good mix of homes on our developments, from one to five-bedrooms, we’re helping to create diverse, vibrant and sustainable communities. 

8. We build to impress 

First impressions count so we create stunning entrances to our developments, distinctive new homes with superb kerb appeal and interest around every corner. 

It wasn’t just the development we fell in love with but there was a real sense of community amongst the neighbours

What our homeowners say

In our recent survey a quarter of people agreed that finding a home within a strong community will be more important post-lockdown. While 23% said they will make a more concerted effort to get to know their neighbours.

At the Hedgerows, in Clayton-le-woods, Lancashire, a community is flourishing with neighbours becoming friends.

Resident Sharon Stewart, who lives with husband Andy, said: “Moving to The Hedgerows has literally changed my life. When we first moved in, we were invited to a welcome party held by Redrow so we could meet our new neighbours and we had an instant bond with them all.

“Three years down the line we have celebrated births, weddings, birthdays and BBQs together, with us all going for food at Christmas to a local restaurant each year too. A lot of residents have dogs so while walking our Border Terrier, Bonnie, we have become close with other dog-walkers.

“During lockdown we all supported one another and, in a bid to maintain everyone’s well-being, we held a couple of socially distanced fire pit evenings in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

“Redrow build their developments so its residents can make the most of the local area and The Hedgerows is no exception. There is plenty of greenery, so it feels like a well-established development and we have Cuerden Valley Park on our doorstep too which is perfect for dog walks.”

Sharon’s friend and neighbour Monika Lapinskas says: “It wasn’t just the development we fell in love with but there was a real sense of community amongst the neighbours. Before lockdown we would regularly meet up and during lockdown it was really comforting to know that we had support close by if we needed it.”

To discover more about how we’re creating a Better Way to Live visit our website www.redrow.co.uk

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