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Create Your Own Bat Friendly Garden This International Bat Night

Written by Sustainability

23 Aug 2021

This annual celebration of bats sees bat events for the public taking place across the country. This year International Bat Night is 28-29th August!

What's it about?

International Bat Night was first introduced in 1997 and takes place annually, to mark the celebration of bats. Each year, bat groups and Conservation Trusts host events to raise awareness of bats, not only in the UK, but in over 30 participating countries. 

The primary aim of this is to encourage people to witness bats in their natural habitats by participating in various events. 

6 mind-blowing bat facts

• Did you know, bats are the only true flying animals in the world?

• The longest journey recorded by a bat, is 1200 miles, where a bat travelled from London to Russia's Pskov region in 2021.

• Surprisingly, bats are more closely related to humans than they are to mice.

• Most of the world’s bat populations, including those found in the UK, eat insects.

• Bats generally have a life span of up to 30 years.

• Here in the UK we have 18 species of bats, of which 17 are bred here.

How can you create a bat friendly garden?

Make your own bat box and place it in your garden to help provide shelter for bats. 

• Night-scented flowers will help attract bats.

• Reduce outdoor artificial lighting, as bats enjoy dark spaces.

• Greenery- by letting your garden grow a little, you can help provide habitats for bats.

• Build your own pond- Not only will this benefit bats, but other wildlife including birds and insects.

If you would like to learn more about International Bat Night, head over to the Bat Conservation Trust Website: www.bats.org.uk