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Delicious Christmas Cooking Ideas From Chef And YouTuber Ian Haste

Written by Redrow

10 Dec 2021

Ian Haste first gave the nation a taste of his cookery skills in 2014 when he started his YouTube channel Haste’s Kitchen. Since then he’s released his own cook book and partnered with a number of well-known brands including Waitrose and Aldi.

Author of the 7 Day Basket, the father-of-two promotes a waste-conscious, balanced lifestyle where healthy eating can go hand in hand with occasional indulgences. We decided there was no one we’d rather ask for some sumptuous Christmas cooking ideas, as well as inspiration for an alternative Christmas dinner, than Ian himself. 

A festive feast with something for everyone

Having honed his cooking skills across Norfolk’s gastro pubs, Ian is an advocate of using high quality, locally sourced produce. His best Christmas recipes are all about getting us to try satisfying, delicious and easy Christmas food.

His rib of beef main course with ‘duck fast’ roast potatoes and marmalade carrots will please the traditionalists, while his garlic and thyme chicken with chorizo paella and cucumber yogurt will delight those who like to put a twist on their Christmas dinner ideas. 

If you’re pondering what to give a vegetarian for Christmas dinner, then Ian’s cranberry and sun-dried tomatoes crispy polenta with lemon yogurt will work as an alternative main course or as a side dish.

And we’re all here for his Christmas brownie with custard ice-cream dessert, which is one of the best quick and easy Christmas recipes for those more indulgent occasions. 

Rib of beef, ‘duck fast’ roast potatoes and marmalade carrots


Beef Recipe

2.75kg of beef rib

Salt & pepper

2 x tbsp olive oil

2 x sprigs Rosemary

2 x onions (1 x white 1 x red) peel and quartered.

3 x carrots cut into cubes

6 x cloves garlic (skin on)


Roast potatoes

6 x Maris Pipers peeled and quartered

4 x sprigs of rosemary

4 x sprigs of thyme

4 x tbsp olive oil

6 x cloves garlic, skin on

2 x tsp rock salt


Marmalade carrots

8 x large, peeled carrots

2 x garlic cloves skin on

4 x clementines halved, peel on

4 x tbsp marmalade

2 x tbsp olive oil 

Pinch of salt


Beef method

Rub the rib of beef with a generous amount of rock salt and pepper along with some olive oil. 

Add the carrot and onion to a roasting pan with olive oil and heat in the oven at 190c for 5 minutes.

Take out the tray and lay the beef on top, along with the rosemary, garlic and thyme. Add to a pre-heated oven at 190°c for 40 minutes Removing and turning over every 15 minutes.

Take out and allow to rest for at least 25 minutes.


Potatoes method

Ian’s called these ‘duck fast’ potatoes as they have all the same great taste as duck fat potatoes and are super quick to make. Add the potatoes to a pan of boiling water along with a pinch of salt and cook for 8 minutes.

Drain the water and shake the potatoes to roughen up the edges.

Add a roasting pan to the oven along with the olive oil for 5 minutes, take out the pan and carefully add the potatoes along with the garlic, thyme, rosemary and salt.

Cook at 190°c for 45 minutes turning the potatoes every 15 minutes. 

Take out once the potatoes are golden brown and extra crispy. The longer you leave them in the oven, the more golden and crispy they will go. 


Marmalade carrots method

If you’re wondering how to cook carrots for Christmas dinner, then Ian’s recipe with a sweet twist is one to try.

Add the oil to a roasting dish along with the carrots and garlic and lay the clementines on top. Roast at 190°c for 20 minutes turning regularly, then take out of the oven and add the marmalade to the tops of the clementines, place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes until the caramelised clementines are bubbling. 

Serve with the clementines squeezed over the top and a pinch of salt. 

Garlic and thyme chicken with chorizo paella and cucumber yogurt



300g of paella rice

90ml of chicken stock

4 x skin on chicken breasts

200g x chorizo sausage finely diced

1 x brown onion, finely diced 

8 x sprigs of thyme 

Salt and pepper

1 x tsp smoked paprika

1 x tbsp olive 

400g of cavolo nero leaves

1 x tbsp butter

1 x tbsp honey

6 x cloves garlic, peeled

1 x small glass of white wine 

4 x tbsp plain yogurt 

1/4 grated cucumber

2 x lemons



Add a little oil to a saucepan on a medium high heat and add the chorizo, onion, 2 x garlic cloves and smoked paprika and 2 x thyme sprigs. Season with salt and pepper and cook until the sausage is piping hot and the onions are soft, usually around 15 minutes, then blitz with a hand food processor or blender.

Add the rice to the chorizo paste and mix in half the chicken stock, simmer until the rice has absorbed the stock, then add the remaining stock and continue to simmer until the rice is soft to taste and has absorbed all the stock. 

Add a little olive oil to a frying pan (with a lid) heat to a medium high heat and add the chicken skin-side down, season with salt and pepper, cook for 8 minutes, turning frequently, then add half the wine and half the butter, thyme, garlic and a splash of water  and start to steam the chicken.

Cook with lid on for a further 6 minutes, turning regularly. Baste the butter wine mixture over the chicken to keep the meat from drying out. 

Leave off the heat with the lid on. 

Add butter to a medium heat pan and add the cavolo nero, pinch of salt and turn regularly for 2 minutes, then add a splash of wine and the honey, increase the heat to high and wait for the nero to caramelise with the honey (2 minutes).

Mix the yogurt with the lemon juice and a splash of cold water.

Serve the paella mixture in a heap with the cavalo nero and the chicken breast sliced in half on top, with a spoonful of the cucumber yogurt.

Cranberry and sun-dried tomatoes, crispy polenta with lemon yogurt



300g of polenta

1 x ltr vegetable stock

2 x cloves crushed garlic

300g of fresh cranberries or (150g jar if not making from fresh)

3 x tbsp sugar

1/4 ltr of orange juice

200g of sundried tomatoes 

1 x brown onion finely diced

2 x tbsp butter

15 x finely chopped basil leaves

2 x tbsp grated Parmesan or strong cheddar

1/2 ltr vegetable oil

4 x tbsp yogurt 




Add butter to a saucepan and add the onion, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, cook on a medium heat for 15 minutes until everything is soft and golden.

In a separate pan on a medium heat, add the cranberries, sugar and orange juice, simmer until the moisture is absorbed and you’re left with a cranberry jam mixture, this is usually around 15 minutes. 

Add the polenta to a third pan and slowly add the vegetable stock a little at a time on a medium heat, take your time to get the right soft consistency, around 10-12 minutes. 

Once the polenta is slightly firm, stir in the cranberries, parmesan, basil and the onion mixture, mix well and allow to cool. 

Once cooled, add 1/2 ltr of the vegetable oil to a deep pan (for frying) and get the oil to around 190°c or test with a small amount of the polenta mix to see if it bubbles.

Shape the polenta mixture into 40mm x 40mm cubes, lay on a baking tray and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°c.

Take out of the oven and slowly ladle them into the oil (4 at a time max) cook for around 2 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve on a bed of yogurt or, as a great alternative Christmas dinner, these are amazing with roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. 

Christmas brownie with custard ice-cream



Brownie recipe


185g of unsalted butter

230g of best dark chocolate

85g of plain flour

40g of cocoa powder

1/4 x grated orange pith

1/4 x grated lemon pith

50g of milk chocolate

3 x large eggs

275g golden caster sugar

100ml of warm water

100g of raisins

1/2 x tsp cinnamon 

1/2 x tsp ground cloves

1 x tsp vanilla extract

50ml of brandy 

Butter to line the tin

Large sheet baking paper


Ice cream recipe

1kg of pre-made custard

1 x tsp vanilla bean paste

35ml of brandy

1/2 x tsp cinnamon

200g of double cream



Brownies method


Add everything to a saucepan (apart from the raisins and lemon and orange pith) and cook on a low heat, mixing quickly until smooth with no lumps. Now mix in the raisins and pith.

Add baking paper to a brownie tin and butter the paper before pouring in the mixture and taping the tin on the work surface until the air bubbles are all gone. 

Place in a preheated oven at 180°c in the middle, allow to cook for 20 minutes, test the centre and if it still feels wobbly, add a further 5 minutes.


Ice cream method

Add everything to a bowl and mix thoroughly, add to an ice cream maker until solid, alternatively add to the freezer and mix every hour until solid. 

Serve a slice of the brownie with the ice cream scooped on top. 


Such wonderful recipes were made to be served on a beautifully festive Christmas table – see our article on Christmas trends and table scaping to find out more! 

For more of Ian’s recipes visit hasteskitchen.com.