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Garden Villages - What Goes into Creating the Perfect Community?

Written by Redrow

21 Apr 2020

Places By Design

Places by design means seeing the bigger picture and bringing together key elements including a variety of homes to meet your local needs.

Redrow doesn’t just build new homes – it creates amazing places to live. Somewhere that makes it attractive and enjoyable to be outside as well as providing realistic alternatives to using the car. Somewhere with quiet streets that are safe to cycle along as well as footways that connect green spaces and other destinations.

Well-landscaped spaces and streets that create a calming effect with benefits to mental health. A neighbourhood that is easily accessible to all so that neighbours can meet and catch up, creating a place with a sense of community. 

On all of our developments we seek to create ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ where we prioritise the needs of pedestrians. At the design stage this is probably the most important thing we can do to encourage physical activity among residents. We also aim to either create or connect to ‘places to go and things to do’ on all of our developments and design the homes and spaces around these. This could be a community facility, an area of open space, an outdoor gym (such as the one at our Frenchay Gardens development) or simply a footpath loop to take the dog for a walk or go for a run after work. 

The opportunities for encouraging healthy eating is so important. Whether it is through the provision of community orchards (such as our Saxon Brook development) edible landscape or community allotments. 

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