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Looking to spruce up your work space? Or create an office oasis? To reach peak productivity we take a look at some office essentials that can make your working day that little bit easier.

Setting up your inspiration working station

Setting up your inspiration working station

If you haven’t already set up your office space, there are a few questions to ask yourself on deciding whereabouts to set up your home office. 

  1. Do you work from a computer/laptop? You may need extra space when working with printed documents.

  2. Are you working mostly online? A strong & reliable internet connection is essential for your work.

  3. Will you be having regular video call meetings with coworkers & clients? Make sure you have a suitable background when you’re doing a call.

  4. Do you have children? Having a separate room isolated away from them can lead to less distraction and interruptions during your working day.

However, if you are unable to do any of the above it’s not the end of the world! It’s all down to personal choice and what works best for you.

Office Essentials

We have whittled down some items which we think would benefit your productivity and enhance your day when being in your home office.

1. YO-YO Mini Desk

Sitting down all day can affect your posture & productivity, this brilliant piece of equipment is designed to alleviate ‘binge sitting’. With a click of a button the fully adjustable station converts into a standing desk which is a great way of stretching them legs!
Sit-stand.com - Priced £230  

2. SIHOO Ergonomic office chair

An often underrated feature of the office is the chair you’re sitting on all day. Not having a chair that is sufficient enough to support you can also lead to impact on your efficiency of work and posture. For the best value for money, we chose the SIHOO as our best ergonomic office chair. With its universal design, the adjustabilities will cater to anyone’s needs which will sure keep you comfortable and focused at the same time.

Amazon - Priced £149.99

3. LE Daylight Desk Lamp

Lighting is an essential part of your daily routine, not as much to see but for your mood and atmosphere. If your work space isn’t receiving a lot of natural light, artificial lighting will be the next best thing. This clever, dimmable LED desk lamp has four unique lights and seven levels of brightness that are controlled by a simple touch providing natural non-glaring light to avoid eye-fatigue.

Amazon - Priced £25.99

4. Apple Airpods Pro

If you are going to make conference calls with your coworkers and clients a good set of headphones with a microphone is essential. The aesthetically pleasing wireless design completes its look with activated noise cancelling technology and easy set up means people will hear you loud and clearly whilst listening to others without any interruption.

Apple - Priced £249

5. Aladdin Active Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

Whilst working from home, it’s easy to fall out of the daily habits when you’re away from the hustle & bustle - like taking a trip to the water dispenser to top up your water. Staying hydrated throughout the day is key towards our well being and productivity. That’s where this water bottle comes into play. This large, leak-proof bottle has capacity marking to keep track of your consumption so you stay hydrated throughout your day.

John Lewis - Priced £15.00

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