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How to Enjoy a Quieter Bonfire Night

Written by Redrow

2 Nov 2018

Bonfire Night always goes off with a bang, right? But for those with pets, as well as those who simply prefer subtler celebrations, there are many ways in which this traditionally noisy time of year can still be enjoyed.


Taking away bangs and whistles does not mean your night needs to lose all its sparkle. In fact, sparklers provide a very happy medium for those who wish to celebrate Bonfire Night without making pets run for cover.

You can even give your garden a little sparkle this autumn by decorating it with some seasonal artwork. Kids love getting involved in creating crafts. Your local art shop can provide all the materials you need for creating, cutting and colouring art-paper rockets that can land safely in any area of your backyard.

Enjoy a firework-free Bonfire Night the Redrow way. It’s safe, relaxed and lots of fun.

Lit up

The artworks could also be lit up with pumpkin lanterns or other illuminations. Even you and your children can carry on the light theme by adding glow sticks and bracelets to your ankles and arms.

And not having fireworks does not necessarily mean not having a bonfire. With your pets safely indoors, a fire provides a great focal point for your celebrations. You simply need to follow a few steps to ensure you stay safe…

Place your bonfire away from the house, as well as sheds and trees that could also set aflame. Dig a pit and place rocks around it. Build a tepee of dry sticks over some scrunched up dry paper within the pit. Light the paper and, as the fire takes hold, add bigger pieces of dry wood. It’s useful to have buckets of water or sand nearby to put out the fire.

Guy Fawkes

Fire enraptures children. So, this is a great time to tell stories. If you don’t already know the story of Guy Fawkes, a quick read through this BBC article will quickly refresh your memory. Retelling the story to your children in this setting will help them enjoy learning about the source of this traditional celebration. This is also a good time to break out into song. You may already have your own favourites. Adding the Bonfire Song into the mix (Remember, remember the fifth of November…) is a great way to help children appreciate the tradition’s origins.

It’s time to eat…

Having created artwork, built a fire, enjoyed singing and learning about Guy Fawkes, it must be time for some tasty treats. You are sure to have your own favourite comfort foods to enjoy on a chilly night. Cornelius Veakins demonstrated his mastery of outdoor cooking when he gave us summer barbecue inspiration for our Redrow customers.

You’re sure to find that the combination of songs, food, fire and fun make for a great family celebration… which is bound to be followed up by a great night’s sleep!Enjoy a firework-free Bonfire Night the Redrow way. It’s safe, relaxed and lots of fun.

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