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How to get your house market ready

Written by Redrow

14 Aug 2020

PLANNING to move but have a house to sell? Investing a little time, energy and money to prepare your house for sale could reap dividends. Try our simple tricks of the trade to add ‘wow factor’ and you’ll hopefully sell more quickly and for a better price.

First impressions count

Whether potential buyers are viewing your property online or in person you want it to have kerb appeal. Pay close attention to every aspect, not just the décor inside. Make sure the garden is tidy, lawns are mowed, paths are weeded and the windows are clean. And from the moment viewers step inside your home - or take a look online - make sure the impression they get is a good one. 

Jon Bryan is valuations manager for home sale experts The Property Perspective. He says: “The internet portals that we use, Rightmove, Zoopla, etc, are simply like a dating website for properties and buyers. There are lots of simple things you can do to ensure that your property profile is as attractive as you can make it. That way more potential purchasers will show their interest and make an appointment to view.”

Jon’s tips include:

1. Declutter and tidy up – no one wants to see rooms with too much furniture, boxes, children’s toys, pet bowls, cat litter trays, washing on radiators, pots on the draining board, unmade beds, clothes everywhere or toilet seats up.

2. “Round-to-it” jobs – Finish off all those jobs that you were going to do. Weed the driveway. Fix the skirting board. Put the light up. And so on. If people perceive too much work is required, they will quickly move on to the next. Make them see that you are looking after your home so they won’t have to.

3. Clean up – vacuum everywhere, wash the windows, clean the kitchen and bathroom. Make the effort, it will be worth it.

Fresh flowers, succulents or hand-picked greenery brought in from the garden and arranged in simple ceramic or earthenware pots will also add colour and freshness.

Showhome know-how

Follow the advice of Redrow’s interior design manager Alysha Alli and make sure your house ticks all the boxes when it comes to space, style and showing off.  

“Giving your home a makeover before selling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of quick wins you can make and, of course, any new items of furniture or accessories you buy can be taken with you to your new home. It’s sometimes called home staging, we call it quick wins!” says Alysha. 

Fundamentals include:

Define each space:  Rooms will be much more appealing to buyers if they have a specific purpose. It’s important to maximise the number of bedrooms, ie. a three-bedroom house should be presented as such, because bedrooms add more value than studies or store rooms. However, given that more people than ever are working from home some or all of the time, it’s also important to show how mixed-use spaces can work. So, for example, a third bedroom could house a futon and a desk; and in a smaller property if you don’t have a separate dining room be sure to incorporate a dining table in the kitchen and perhaps show how a laptop could work here or on a breakfast bar.

Declutter and clean: An untidy, cluttered house can seem small and disorganised, so decluttering will make it look more spacious and appealing to buyers. Minimise lotions and potions in the bathroom, put excess clothes away, organise your bookcase and clear surfaces in the kitchen as much as possible. Then, it’s time to give everything a thorough clean and maybe light some scented candles and reed diffusers to make your home even more inviting.

Natural colours: Most buyers prefer neutral, calming colours to bold tones as they can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. Lighter shades of grey and taupe work well, as well as clean neutrals. It also helps create a blank canvas so they can start visualising themselves and their belongings in your home. Splashes of colour and hints of personality can easily be added with accessories (which you can take with you to your new home) and the right lighting can also help to enhance the space. Use over-sized table lamps and bedside lamps for extra effect.

“Little extras that can make a big difference include adding a large mirror to bounce light around a small space and make it look bigger and brighter. It’s a particularly welcome feature in a hallway,” Alysha adds.

With all this new-found knowledge, if you’ve sold your house and are interested in one of our exceptional new homes please visit our website www.redrow.co.uk to find out where we are building; or check out our Help to Sell incentive if you need a little extra help finding a buyer.

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