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How To Holiday At Home

Written by Redrow

10 Aug 2021

Who doesn’t love a holiday? But for many of us, it’s just not been possible this year and even staycation ideas may have proved too challenging. The alternative? A holiday at home of course!

To celebrate our love of all things ‘home’ based we have some great ideas for things to do in the summer holidays at home to make some wonderful new memories.

Host a themed cinema party

A great way to bring friends and family together is with a cinema party at home. You can create your DIY home cinema inside or out with just a few key items including a portable projector, a ‘screen’ (a plain wall or bed sheet!), and a few oversized cushions, bean bags and throws. Find more home cinema ideas and tips here.

Once you’ve selected a film why not create a theme for your party around your movie of choice? If you’re looking for beach party ideas how about a Cocktails and Dreams theme while you watch Tom Cruise shake it up in the 80s classic Cocktail? Or bring a laid back 90s surfing vibe while you watch Patrick Swayze in Point Break. For a family friendly watch, set the dress code as grass skirts and beachwear to sing along to Disney’s Moana. 

If you’ve set up your cinema outside, decorate with globe-shaped festoon lighting and lanterns, bright throws and blankets to stay snug, and colourful glassware.

A summer party wouldn’t be complete without some easy cocktails to make at home. 

With just a few basic cocktail ingredients you can make lots of delicious yet simple cocktails. There are plenty of handy online guides and videos for how to make cocktails. Vodka cocktails include a screwdriver (vodka, fresh orange juice and ice) or a cosmopolitan (vodka, cranberry and orange liqueur). Rum cocktails include a mojito (rum, fresh lime juice, sugar, mint, soda and ice) or a pina colada (rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream) and gin cocktails include a gin rickey (gin, soda water and lime juice) or a Tom Collins (gin, lemon juice and soda water). Or if you prefer a mocktail, switch out your alcohol for apple juice. Whatever your choice, pop in a cocktail umbrella and a reusable twisty straw for a retro final flourish!

Be a tourist for the day

If you’ve asked yourself ‘how to have a holiday at home’ – the best answer is: ‘think like a tourist’. It’s so easy to get caught up in the humdrum of daily life without stopping to appreciate the rich heritage of our own hometown or the sights and sounds that are on our doorstep. 

When was the last time you visited your nearest museum or art gallery or took a sightseeing tour on foot, or by bus, train or boat? However long you’ve lived there, it’s time to put your tourist cap on for the day and see your area in a new light.

For new residents of Kings Moat Garden Village, in the city of Chester, there’s a world of history to explore. Take a walk around the city walls and rows or visit the Roman amphitheatre before taking a cruise up the River Dee or jumping on an open-top bus tour. 

For those who’ve just moved to our Saxon Brook development in Exeter, the city’s history pre-dates Roman time. Take a free Red Coat guided tour or visit the magnificent Cathedral, imposing Roman wall and beautiful quayside. 

Wherever you live, embrace the opportunity to fall in love with your hometown again. 

Recreate your favourite holiday

If you can’t go away, why not relive your treasured holiday memories at home? This is another great way to theme a dinner party or gathering with family and friends. 

Compile a playlist of music that reminds you of the location and recreate tasty dishes you enjoyed on your last trip. Following an authentic recipe from scratch is a great way to fill your home with aromas that will evoke memories of your favourite place.

After dinner you can enjoy flicking through some of your holiday photos on the iPad or go online to find video tours of your favourite spots. Heygo even offer live stream tours of fabulous locations across the globe. You may just discover somewhere new to explore next time you visit!

Home spa ideas

In lieu of a holiday it’s important we all still take time out to relax and what better way than with a spa at home? Organising a spa day at home is one way to ensure you take a break from your usual routine. If you have children, you may want to wait for an evening when they’re in bed early and think of some pamper night ideas.

Set the mood by choosing where to host your pamper day at home. A room with naturally inspired décor such as a garden room or conservatory is the perfect setting to induce relaxation. Add soothing scents with reed diffusers and aromatherapy candles and keep lighting low and soft. Laid back music can also add to the calming mood.

For top to toe pampering, start by applying a deep conditioning hair mask. We love Garnier’s summery scented Garnier Hair Food Watermelon conditioning treatment. Sticking with the fruity theme, revive your skin with a sheet face mask like Jiinju's Avocado Sheet Mask.

Next slip your feet into a homemade foot spa and add a few drops of Boots Soothing Foot Bath before finally giving your hands an indulgent treat with Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Mask.

Finish with a warm bath, adding Radox Sleep Aromatherapy Lavender Bath Salts – the perfect way to round off your holiday at home.