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Interior Trends To Watch In 2021

Written by Interior Design

18 Dec 2020

Our homes have been our sanctuary for much of 2020 and as we look to the year ahead that feeling of comfort and tactility will continue to be seen in new interior design trends.

While natural textures and water forms are keeping us grounded we’re also taking inspiration from other-worldly places like ancient mythology and outer space. We’ve compiled the top interior design trends set to make an impact for 2021.

Symbolic style

Here at Redrow we’re admirers of both classical and minimalist style in our Show Homes and one new year trend which embraces both is ancient mythologies. Taking inspiration from the ancient civilisations of Rome and Greece and their rituals and symbols, interior designers are creating a new take on these classical styles. 

If you’re a fan of this style, and are looking for ways to bring it into your home, then furniture, lighting and accessories with celestial orbs, globes and bevelled edges look fabulous. Meanwhile fabrics with traditional motifs and patterns in sun-bleached colours can add a peaceful ambiance. Materials that embody and modernise this trend include marble, brass, polished concrete and eglomised glass.

Watery worlds

The forms and textures of water are inspiring statement designs full of beguiling movement.

Pieces that capture the look of rippling waves are featuring everywhere – from smaller details in hammered metals to larger undulating shapes in plastic and metallic furniture. For a more subtle approach why not opt for lighting designs that emulate the dancing light effects of water? 

Craft techniques such as gathered layers of fabric or carved wood that mimic fluid textures can also create environmental designs that are kinder to the earth and our oceans. 

Following that trend, we are seeing a resurgence in eco-friendly designs giving new life to recycled materials such as plastic waste and fishing nets, as the design world shows it is now conscious of this issue.

Engineered nature

Designs inspired by nature are being modernised for 2021 with unusual material innovations. Patterns of nature can be recreated in unexpected and contemporary materials, like foliage prints in plaster or staining concrete to create marbled effects. We love using ceramic floor tiles made to look like natural wood planks with textured grain in our Show Homes. This provides a visual connection to the beauty of nature while being hardwearing for the home. 

You can also celebrate natural materials themselves in new ways. For example, showcasing the naturally uneven edges and undulating contours of wood. This can be especially effective in a large statement piece like a dining table and will stand the test of time.

Cosmic delights

You can create intriguing and other-worldly designs by taking your inspiration from outer space. Adopting this futuristic look will take you through 2021 in serious style.

Imagine lunar landings on your inky black marbled worktop or rocketing through a twinkling galaxy when you switch on your bedside lamps. Our new silestone kitchen worktop range includes dark Charcoal Soapstone with it blue /grey undertones and Eternal Emperador a shade of deep, rich brown, which both look like they could have come from the surface of another planet.  

Key materials to recreate the cosmic trend in your own home include dry lava stone (also known as basalt), smooth marble, rough rocks and textured metallics. Keep furniture and lighting minimalist and experiment with textured metallics for lighting designs that create captivating effects.

Comforting embrace

Allowing comfort to take centre stage in your home is something we all need right now and designs that emphasise a cosy, enveloping tactility will take us through the year. Designing your home with curved forms and soft fabrics in muted colourways is the easiest way to create a soothing, inviting look.

Embracing the beauty of traditional craft with modern interpretations is also a way we can feel a personal connection to our homes. Larger handcrafted items can look fabulous. For example, we adore large furniture pieces like accent footstools using supersized strips of leather and braiding to create bold forms.

Cool candy

If you’re looking to bring some colour into your home to lift your look, why not take inspiration from the Art Deco era and opt for candy inspired colourways? These can create a soft yet fun direction for furniture and lighting. Playful pieces that add a whimsical, almost cartoon-like approach will be popular throughout 2021 and these pieces will often subvert expectations around form and function. Use transparent materials such as glass and plastic to enhance the candy-like aesthetic.

For more interior design inspiration follow us @redrowhomes on Instagram to see how we’ll be bringing these looks into our show homes throughout the next year.