A Better Way To Live
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There is universal agreement that we need to take better care of our planet.

Governments, business leaders and the general public are doing what they can to restore the balance. Here, we discuss how we’re playing our part, becoming more conscious in everything we do.

An attractive home, in an attractive area, is a big priority for most people. Many of us also want to be within easy reach of green spaces and other natural features that are good for our mental and physical health.

How nature helps us

There are many reasons why we want to live around nature. It helps us in so many ways, as the following examples illustrate:

• Trees provide shelter and cooling, they absorb air pollution and can provide noise protection

• Easy access to nature is proven to be good for health and well-being

Quality green spaces (ponds, wildflower areas, meadows and woodlands) are home to lots of wildlife (birds, insects and mammals, etc). These add sounds, interest and joy into our lives and can help our children understand and appreciate the world they live in.

Just watching the way children interact with nature gives us a sense of its importance. It may look like they are ‘just playing’, but regular contact with nature boosts their development, supports their physical and mental health and helps them assess risk as they grow.

How Redrow links to nature

Our new development in Barrington is a great example of the measures we put in place to protect and enhance the natural environment. Before we took over this brownfield site, it was used as a cement works.

All Saints Gardens is now a delightfully green place. Within easy reach of Cambridge, the three, four and five-bedroom homes have all been built to our award-winning Heritage Collection specifications.

Redrow provides housing for local wildlife

We approached Natural England to obtain the licence we needed to relocate the bats and badgers living on the original site into the new setts and roosts we provided for them. We also retained the woodland areas – installing lots of new bird boxes throughout – as well as its beautiful lake, in which we hope to introduce English crayfish to boost biodiversity.

We have installed a mix of allotments and an orchard – helping to bring people together to encourage a sense of community. While the houses have only recently gone on sale, these facilities are already attracting people of all ages to gather together to enjoy what’s on offer.

All Saints Gardens is just one example of the way we work to transform a site so, even as we develop, we complement and enhance the natural features that surround it.

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You can also find out more about our campaign 'A better way to live' on our website redrow.co.uk/a-better-way-to-live

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