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Mother's Day Memories Made in the Home

Written by Redrow

29 Mar 2019

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we invited a group of people to talk about the things they remember most fondly about growing up at home with their mums.

Dinner Time

As the hub of the home, the kitchen is intrinsic to many of our best memories, as Dagmar recalls. “My mother is a fabulous cook. I’d go as far as to say her food creations are culinary choreographies. Her sauces are divine and she’s never stopped experimenting (not even now she’s in her 70s).” Dave recalls “No one makes a cuppa like my mum! Why is that? It’s boiling water, a tea bag, a splash of milk and, if you’re like me, one and half sugars, well stirred. But no one ever, ever does it quite like my mum. Even I can’t make it like my mum,” He laughs. “And wherever we have it – in the kitchen, the conservatory or the garden – it always means the start of a good conversation.”

Delectable Lasagne

Raven joins in. “My mum makes the best lasagne,” the 20-something announces, looking quickly around the group to assess the likelihood of a challenge to her mum’s lasagne-making world supremacy. She continues…“She mixes lean ground beef with Italian sausage. She even blitzes the onion and garlic so the only chunky bits in the sauce are meat. She simmers it for hours before adding a wodge of fresh herbs and seasoning so it’s bursting with flavour. I cherish the times I could sit in the kitchen chatting to her as she cooked,” Raven adds.

It’s The Little Things…

“My mum is also a great cook, but I think it’s the little things I really appreciate about her,” says Emily. “When I was quite young, my mum taught me that the small stuff is the biggest help. It took me a while to understand what she meant. But a cup of tea in the sunshine, a photograph of the people I love, great advice offered in kindness… it all helps keep me sane,” she adds with a smile.

Memories like this are all made in the home, where we tend to feel at our most comfortable.

Family Matriarch

Adam, a very smiley 30-something, breaks the silence. “My mum is so helpful and supportive,” he says between grins. “People talk about going above and beyond, but I’ve never known anyone to demonstrate this as regularly as my mum. And she never, ever seeks any thanks for anything she does for me and my family, around the home or on a personal level,” he adds. “She’s as good with our kids as she was with us, Adam continues. “The only difference is, my kids already appreciate her, which I’m not sure I did when I was their age. Mum’s available to us day or night and, now that I’m a parent myself, this is brilliant inspiration for me to live up to. She’s definitely the family matriarch.”

Organise Your Own Mother’s Day Get-Together

Memories like this are all made in the home, where we tend to feel at our most comfortable. Are you looking for more space to host the wider family like Adam? Or wanting an open plan kitchen/ living area to relax with your family as someone whips up the evening meal like Raven? If so, start searching for your perfect Redrow home now.

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