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Outdoor lighting - Bringing bright ideas to your garden

Written by Redrow

17 Jul 2020

Summer is upon us which means the weather is perfect to enjoy outdoors from day through to the night. If you’re looking to accentuate ambience or provide practical illumination, outdoor lighting can really enhance the look of your garden or outdoor space.

Get that Garden Glow

A great tip to get started is by walking around your garden at night to get a better understanding of where you would want the lighting to be. From areas where you would want to use in the evening to walkways from your door. 

When it comes to choosing your lighting scheme, there are plenty of options and styles of outdoor lights to consider for every size and style of garden. 

There are three layers on the spectrum when it comes to exterior lighting:

  •  Ambient lighting – This does necessarily have a particular purpose but to create a mood within your outdoors. Think of it as background music i.e. fairy lights along a fence or by a tree

  • Task lighting – Lighting which has a purpose i.e. illuminating a pathway

  • Accent lighting – usually used to feature a certain garden area i.e. a flower bed

We thought we would shed the light on our top 5 picks out outdoor lighting:

1. Outdoor Fairy Lights

These fairy lights from Wayfair are both elegant and fun when it comes to decorating for any occasion in your garden. With the bright LED bulbs and solar-powered source, these are the perfect accompaniment to achieving ambient lighting all night long. 

WayfairPriced £24.99

2. Philips Hue Pedestal Outdoor Light

For the best in practical lighting solution look no further than the Philips Hue smart lighting range - where you can easily control lights via a smartphone app on your phone. With its cylindrical shape, the satin lampshade allows light to shine out from all sides without glare. This is a perfect light to define garden paths.

AmazonPriced £89.99 

3. Coastline Galvanised Steel Fisherman’s Lantern

Illuminate them dark corners of the garden with this classic steel cage held up by natural rope handle from Argos. With the added bonus of solar power and LED bulb will emit a warm glow providing a perfect setting against the night.

ArgosPriced £15

4. David Hunt Admiral Wall Light

This unique wall light from the well-respected Cotswold based designer David Hunt blends old with new with its traditional nautical style creating contemporary lighting on your outside wall. Stunningly crafted from solid brass and nickel finish this light provides an ideal choice for lighting entrances and garden areas.

David HuntPriced £119.40

5. TruGlow Outdoor Candle

Designed for outdoor use, these waterproof candles are the complete way to create an atmosphere when entertaining alfresco. They could be styled inside lanterns or be embellished across your garden furniture. Providing realism of a candle, the innovative technology mimics a real flame along with the battery operated power source and best of all will never go out!

lights4fun - Priced £26.99


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