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Redrow’s Top 5 ways to make settling into your new home easy

Written by Redrow

8 Apr 2020

Our 'How To' Guides - Supporting you

Settling In to your new Redrow home - Programming your Heating System

We very much hope that you are enjoying your new Redrow home. To assist you with settling in we have a range of useful hints and tips shown on the guides below.

New heating systems can often seem confusing and due to the change in season you may wish to alter the settings. Find out how to adjust your heating controls here, to ensure the temperature of your new home is just right.

How to Bleed your Radiators

If your heating is on but your radiators don’t feel as warm as they should you should firstly check that the thermostatic valve on your radiator is set correctly. If your settings are correct and your radiators still don’t feel warm you will need to bleed them. This is a quick and easy guide to help you. 

What to do if you have a Water Leak

There are times when you’ll need to turn off your water supply, either to your whole home or to individual taps or showers. This could be because you’re carrying out alterations, upgrades or general maintenance to your plumbing, or because you’ve discovered a leak. In the unlikely event that you should have a water leak you will need to quickly be able to find and turn off your water supply. Our helpful guide will show you where to look.

How to Repair Shrinkage Cracks

Many of the materials used to build a home (such as mortar, plaster and concrete) contain a lot of water when they are built-in and can shrink as they dry out. This may lead to some minor cracks in walls and floors as your new home fully dries out over several months after you move in. These are called shrinkage cracks. More often than not these are nothing to worry about and can easily be resolved as shown in our guide.

Improving your Water Pressure

If the water flow in your home isn’t powerful as you’d like and is trickling from your taps or showers you may have low water pressure in your central heating system. Our handy guide below will help you quickly identify if your system needs to be re-pressurised.

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