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Styling a home for Christmas - The Redrow way

Written by Redrow

9 Dec 2020

This year we’re all celebrating a festive season like no other so our Christmas interiors are encouraging comfort & a sense of nostalgia. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to style your home for Christmas, we’ve compiled some of our favorite trends

Nature's harvest

Nature has long inspired traditional Christmas décor and this year it’s influencing everything from decorations and tabletop adornments, to textiles and artwork. We love bringing natural materials and textures into our show homes such as wood, wool and linen as well as greenery in the form of pared back stems and delicate foliage. 

Alysha Alli, Group interior design manager at Redrow, explains: “While we’ve all spent lots more time at home this year, we’ve also been rediscovering our local green spaces. These can be great places to forage for objects and foliage to bring into your home for the festive season. Whether you choose to create a table centerpiece, simply display your collections in a glass vase or on your tree, there are lots of ways to bring the beauty of nature into your home.

“Dried foliage, fruits and florals are also coming to the fore this year as we continue using warm autumnal colours through into winter. Think harvest festival meets country cottage and you’re on your way to creating this sustainable and relaxed look. Add stems of dried mixed grasses to your arrangements and dried orange pieces to your table centre to add a hint of citrus fragrance.

“It may also be time to rethink your Christmas tree, so rather than displaying a single, large tree, you could opt to incorporate two or three smaller trees on table tops and side boards. This works particularly well for smaller rooms and brings the festive feeling to additional spaces in your home.”

The trend for crafting is all about celebrating imperfections and subtle differences that make handmade items feel unique and special

Creative crafting

Whether you enjoy crafting your own accessories or choose to buy handmade items from local makers, crafted items are huge this season. Natural wood and glass decorations alongside soft furnishings made from wool, felt and linen will ensure your home feels warm and snuggly and is full of individual pieces to bring a smile.

Alysha says: “The trend for crafting is all about celebrating imperfections and subtle differences that make handmade items feel unique and special. If you’re a novice crafter start with something simple like creating felt coasters and placemats.

“For our show homes, we love using organic materials such as woolen throws, hand-stitched cushions, and carved wooden accessories. Handcrafting is all about making connections, with our family, with the world around us or with local makers whose work you choose to bring into your home. It also evokes a sense of nostalgia as it shuns consumerism and revives bygone skills.”

Winter wonderlands

Fans of minimalism will love this year’s trend for winter white in the home. This is a look that’s easy to introduce as white works with every existing colour scheme. 

Alysha adds: “White has a very calming effect on interiors and this year we’re seeing white used in a very laid back way, with soft, rustic vibes.

“White linen, ceramics and candles look fabulous on your Christmas table to create an elegant, snow-covered effect. This can be layered with cream and light browns for a subtle, organic colour scheme that warms up wintery white. Opt for matte textures and combine with natural wood, rattan and pottery. 

“You can also bring a snow-kissed look to your greenery by adding subtle white features, such as paper garlands to your plants. 

“Whichever look you choose it’s all about embracing comfort, natural forms and imperfection. The pressure’s off this year so keep things laid back and enjoy the little things.”

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