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Taking the Stress Out of Selling Your Home

Written by Redrow

12 Jun 2020

Moving home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, though many people associate it with stress and anxiety. We take a look at why that may be and how to avoid it when you move.

Why do people think moving home is stressful?

If you look at any list of the most stressful events, moving home is usually on there. When you move home, there are a number of things all happening at once and many people involved. It can also feel like you’re not in control when you’re  involved in buying a second hand property.

If there is someone  living in the home you’re intending to buy, and they’re purchasing another house, it means you’re in a ‘chain’ and your purchase is dependent on theirs. Of course, when you buy a new home, the chain ends with the one you’re buying.

What can you do to avoid stress when moving home?

There are many ways to reduce stress when moving but it’s perhaps sensible to understand that no matter how smoothly it goes, there will be some tension along the way and difficult decisions to make. 

One thing you can do is to be as prepared as possible. Make contact early with all the relevant people like your mortgage advisor and solicitor so that when you find a home you like, you can act quickly. If you’re buying a home for the first time, or haven't purchased for a while, speak to some friends and family who have recently moved; hearing their stories and advice may make you feel better.

Buying a new home means you’ve got a dedicated support system

Is the process of buying a new home any easier?

While it may seem there isn't much different in buying a second hand home compared to a new one, there are many benefits of buying new. 

For starters, buying a new home means you’ve got a dedicated support system in the form of the sales team at the development you’re going to live on. The sales can be your first point of contact about your move and help put you in touch with our recommended and trusted solicitors and mortgage advisors who specialise in new build homes. 

Another major advantage of buying new, especially with Redrow, is being able to take advantage of the Help to Sell scheme, in which we help to sell your existing home.

How does Help to Sell work?

Help to Sell is an easy and convenient service where we help you sell your old home. Once you’ve selected the Redrow home you want to purchase, we agree a valuation and marketing plan for your existing property. We then work with an estate agent to achieve a quick sale and in some instances contribute towards your fees. 

You’re in control the whole time, having final say on your sale price. Once that’s done, you’re then able to reserve and move into your Redrow home! 

We've put together some handy tips with WhatHouse? on a guide to new home buyers - check it our here

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