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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking

Written by Redrow

17 Sep 2021

Join our BBQ experts to find out how you can make the most of your outdoor space all year round, what kit you need to get started and get some top tips to help you quickly become a certified pitmaster!

The rise in the demand for private garden space following the pandemic has remained and it’s intertwined with the explosion in the popularity of BBQ and outdoor cooking. We wanted to learn more so asked fire chef Julian Brown and BBQ Magazine editor Rupert Bates over for a chat around the coals.

Open to anyone

From a self made fire pit to a full specification Weber, BBQ and outdoor cooking is open to anyone. Julian recommends starting small ‘The Kamado Joe is a really expensive bit of kit and not really suitable for most beginners. I’d also recommend a small Webber with a lid for anyone wanting to get started’. 

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As well as insight on what BBQ might be right for you, Julian also showed us some incredibly simple recipes which anyone can perfect. You can watch the full episode below or steam on Spotify, Apple Podcast or YouTube at a time that suits you.

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Redrow is delighted to partner with BBQ magazine - www.thebbqmag.com to inspire you to kit out your outdoor living space with the best barbeques on the market as well as great tips on cooking, dining and entertaining in 'The 5th room of the Home.'

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