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Your First 100 Days in your New Home

Written by Redrow

24 Apr 2019

You’ve unpacked your boxes. You’ve got the kids settled into a new school. You’ve learnt the quickest route to work. So, what else could you do in the first 100 days in your new home?

Plan A

There is so much to think about when you move home, it’s hard to know where to begin. But, when ideas pile up, it’s time to make a plan. It needn’t be neat or detailed. Simply jot down a few notes on a pad and number them in priority order. Ta-da! You’ll have your first draft in a matter of minutes. 

You’ve broken the ice with your neighbours. You’ve joined a local club. Surely, it’s party time!

Club together

Joining a club means you’ll meet people you have at least one thing in common with. This hobby or activity may be the primary reason people get involved, but the social aspects can be just as rewarding. You will learn lots from others who share your passion and you will have opportunities to visit new places with your new clubmates.

Most people think it’s more fun to do things they enjoy with other people. You can share equipment, take turns driving to your club and the places you visit, and it’s useful to have someone else to take photos of you and your partner. 

Get familiar

This is possibly more important if you have moved to a new area. But even a move within your local community is likely to give you a change of perspective. You may simply want to get out and explore. There are sure to be some walks you didn’t know about before, or cycle routes for you to try. It’s also a really good idea to look online to find out more about local groups and places of interest. The more you explore the more you will find there is to see and experience in your neighbourhood.

Party, party, party!

You’ve broken the ice with your neighbours. You’ve joined a local club. Surely, it’s party time!

Waiting a few weeks – or even months – before inviting people round for a drink and a few nibbles has many advantages. Your house will be in better shape. You will be in better shape (you were probably more stressed than you realised during your move)! Also, you will already have begun friendships with one or two of your neighbours.

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