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New-Build vs Nature?

18 Jun 2021

Is it a case of choosing between new-build homes and nature? Not according to The Wildlife Trusts. They joined us for the latest episode of The New Homes Podcast where they told us how to create places for wildlife to thrive.


The 5th Room Of The Home

15 May 2021

If you find the blank canvas of a new home garden daunting or you want to know how to spruce up your outdoor space in time for summer, the latest episode of The New Homes Podcast has you covered.


Top 5 Tips To Save For A Deposit

21 Jul 2021

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how to save for a deposit?’ or ‘how much is a deposit for a house’? If so, we’re here with some useful ‘saving for a mortgage’ tips.


How do you build a community from scratch?

25 Aug 2021

From planning and local consultation to design and placemaking we dig into what it takes to build a community from scratch in the latest episode of The New Homes Podcast.


The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking

17 Sep 2021

Join our BBQ experts to find out how you can make the most of your outdoor space all year round, what kit you need to get started and get some top tips to help you quickly become a certified pitmaster!


New Homes For Nature And People

3 Aug 2021

We believe there’s a better way to live – one where people and nature thrive side by side, on developments where green spaces and wildlife habitats are integral to the fabric of the place.


Lifestyle and Well-being Tips For a Positive 2021

18 Jan 2021

RECENT events and the continuing challenges we are collectively facing have had a huge impact on our mental and physical health. It’s important to remember that we can still take some simple steps to regain control and improve our well-being and mood


Better by Design

30 Jul 2021

When you start looking for a new home, you’re often faced with a tricky compromise. Do you go for an Arts and Crafts period property which will take time, effort and more importantly money to bring up to date inside or a more modern, open plan new home?