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How to Wrap a Present - Top Tips

17th December 2021
Redrow | Inspiration | How to Wrap a Present - Top Tips

It’s that time of year. You’ve battled through the shops and spent hours on the internet to find great gifts for your family and friends - and now comes the fun part, wrapping them all!

It might seem like a mammoth task but you can make it fun with these top tips on how to wrap a present. So, ask Alexa to put Michael Bublé on repeat, put your Santa sweater on, and pour yourself a sherry… It’s time to get wrapping.

Get ready to wrap 

You’ll do a better job if you are well prepared so make sure you have all the Christmas wrapping essentials.
Find a large flat surface - floor or kitchen table - and make sure you have:

  • Wrapping paper - and lots of it (no-one wants to run out) 
  • Sharp scissors - you might even want to get those which create wavy lines or zigzags for gift tags
  • Sellotape - and consider a dispenser to save using your teeth 
  • Ribbon, string, bows and other decorative gift wrapping accessories
  • Bubble wrap or tissue paper for fragile items 
  • A hole punch and a ruler (for straight lines and gift tags)
  • Pen

Top tips for wrapping

First impressions count and some may say that the wrapping is almost as important as the gift itself.

Decide on whether you want a colour scheme or consistent theme and keep it simple. Plain or brown paper with some beautiful ribbon or stylish accessories can look really effective.

The first step for wrapping presents neatly is to determine how much wrapping paper you'll need by placing the gift on a sheet of paper. Cut enough paper so each side, when brought around it, reaches just over halfway across. Too much paper can make the task more difficult.
Fold over the edge of the paper an inch to hide sloppy cutting and place the gift or gift box upside down to make sure the seam’s hidden on the underside, and consider double-sided tape if you don’t want it to show.

Make it look pretty with ribbon or string, bows (see this article on how to make a bow out of wrapping paper) or other accessories - and don’t forget to put on the gift tag straight away so nothing gets mixed up.

Redrow | Inspiration | Top tips for wrapping

How to wrap those awkward gifts

The easy answer is to put them in a bag or a box. However, if you still want to wrap them, there are a few tricks you can use to cover awkward shaped presents.

For bottle and vase shapes, you may be wondering how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper. Take a large sheet of paper and place the gift upright in the middle. Gather the sides of the paper upwards and neatly twist it around the top or neck to create a pleated effect. Secure by tying a piece of string or ribbon around the top.

A great tip for how to wrap a round gift, is to place your gift in the centre of the paper and roll it  forwards while holding on to the paper to make sure it’s covered. Secure with a small piece of tape in the middle, then twist paper at each end and tie around it to make a cracker shape.

To cover a round tin, wrap paper around the rounded edge and seal with the tape. Begin folding the paper down in a pleated fashion and make your way around one side of the tin. Once done, seal with tape, then repeat on the other side.

Redrow | Inspiration | How to Wrap Those Awkward Gifts

How to speed up your wrapping

The easiest way is to invest in a range of gift boxes or bags you can put your gifts into and cover with tissue paper.

Or, you can cheat! Many stores - like perfume or clothes shops - will offer to wrap gifts for you, free of charge at this time of year. It saves you time and money too.

Some shopping malls and stores - like Selfridges - offer a gift wrapping service - and there are companies who’ll do all your wrapping for you for a fee.

Trends and tips to make it look super stylish for 2021

Bright and varied colours are key this Christmas so keep it vibrant with paper or decorations.

Create a classical look with red, green and crisp white colours, and traditional themes inspired by Nutcracker toy soldiers, snowflake patterns and gingerbread men. 

Or, opt for a nature-driven theme with dried botanicals - pine cones, branches of holly and evergreen trees, and dried fruit are fab for finishing touches.

Interlaced weaves and cut-out styles are trending too, so look for woven bows, mesh ribbons or laser-cut wooden decorations.

Redrow | Inspiration | Trends and tips to make it look super stylish for 2021

Sustainable gift wrapping ideas

Don’t throw away pieces of paper but link them together to make another new sheet, and/or invest in recycled paper. The RSPB has a range of woodland-inspired paper, tags, gift bags and more.

Re-use old fabric and ribbons to create bespoke wrapping for your gifts, or even newspaper for a quirky look.

Forage in the garden or green spaces for pine cones, holly and pine leaves (that have fallen on the floor), or dry your own orange slices.

Create gift tags by cutting up old Christmas cards from last year (you know you saved them somewhere) and threading string through a hole to tie.