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New Year's Resolution Wellness Tips

22nd December 2021
Redrow  Inspiration  New Years Resolution Wellness Tips

A new year is a chance for us all to take stock and take a little time to evaluate how we can improve our health and wellbeing for the year ahead.

Small changes and some good new year’s resolutions to develop healthy habits, spend more time in nature, create a calming environment at home, as well as make time for self-care and creativity, can make a big difference. Read on for some of our favourite wellness tips.

Immerse yourself in nature

There’s nothing better than getting outdoors and feeling the fresh air on our faces - and being in and around nature can have far more beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing than we might ever have imagined. It reduces feelings of anger and fear, helps our bodies deal with stress, and boosts our mood. And exposure to nature not only makes us feel better emotionally, it contributes to our physical good health too, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones - which can only help us create a better way to live.

So why not make some good New Year’s resolutions for 2022, by making the most of the wonderful world around us and taking care of your mental health?

Redrow’s conscious aim to create more green spaces in and around developments means many can enjoy the benefits of nature on their doorstep,  and we can all embrace simple self-care routine ideas like going on a walk or a bike ride or, when the weather’s a little warmer, having a picnic.

There are lots of local walks you can go on and The Ramblers have short routes available for free as well as ways to make them fun; and if you’re prepared to get in the car the wider countryside is full of fabulous treks in beautiful areas.

Local parks are great places to get out to, many with regular events like parkrun which not only encourage you to get out but help you meet new people and up your exercise. Or, why not join a gardening group or a community tree planting group to help yourself, the environment, and your community.

Create a sanctuary at home

Home is the place where many of us feel most safe and secure, and we can create our own little sanctuary by making small home improvements or investing in a few comforting new pieces.

Soft furnishings like throws and cushions can really boost your mood and wellbeing by creating a cosy feel to any room, and you can adopt the latest neutral and warm-baked colours and handcrafted fabrics to make it right on trend too. Designers are increasingly tapping into the nourishing properties of nature, including plant-based fibres. Jute rugs and runners are everywhere and help to bring the outdoors in.

Having plants and greenery also help connect to the healing influence of the natural world, while fragrant aromas from candles or essential oils such as rose, geranium and lavender can create a calming atmosphere. Our new scent Home: By Redrow is available to all our customers when they move in and evokes the luxury of a spa hotel and the serenity of nature while providing a sense of comforting nostalgia.

Take care of yourself

It’s great to help look after others but we need to learn how to practice self care too. 

Evaluate where you have stresses in life and learn how you can reduce them. Wellness tips include finding time on a regular basis to do something for yourself whether it’s seeing friends for a meal, a walk or a coffee, pampering yourself or taking part in a hobby you love (or even finding new ones!).

You could make sure there’s plenty of good nutrition in your New Year diet, get plenty of exercise - one of the best things to relieve stress, and create a self care day checklist so you always do something for you.

Be creative

Do you love writing, art, interior design, cooking? Letting your creative side loose in your home is a great way to de-stress.

It might just be an apple pie, but baking a delicious dessert can be a wellbeing boost and help to increase your feelings of calm. You could get the easel and watercolours out to start painting, or perhaps get the laptop out and start writing your own short stories or an epic novel.