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Our Guide to Summer Interior Trends

6th June 2019
Redrow - Inspiration - Our Guide to Summer Interior Trends

With summer in full swing, we’ve compiled some key interior trends that will help you to achieve a fresh and natural look in your home that suits the season perfectly.

Bring the outdoors in

As temperatures rise it’s a great time to blur the lines between your inside and outside space. While you’re spending more time in the garden, why not bring that freshness of the outdoors into your home.

Redrow | Inspiration | Kitchen Shelves Fresh herbs, succulants and trailing greenery can brighten decorative shelves in the kitchen, while statement plants can look fantastic in glass bowls or in white ceramics on dining tables. To provide a focal point -opt for larger plants with luscious foliage in patterned wicker planters.

Your bathroom can also provide the perfect environment for greenery as many plants thrive in the humid surroundings. A bright windowsill can be an ideal spot as it provides maximum light exposure and decorative cactai can look fabulous as they catch the rays of sunlight.

Redrow | Inspiration | Neutral Bathroom

Revel in imperfection

While we’re enjoying more carefree times with family and friends, that sense of relaxation translates into some of the summer season’s hottest interior trends. Imperfect textures and patterns are very much at the forefront of interior styling and again it’s natural materials like wood and stone that lead the way.

Redrow | Inspiration | Wooden Platter Wooden platters and bowls with natural textures and contrasting shades are on trend and, when there’re not being used for your summer garden party, can look great as a display piece on your kitchen worktops.

Mottled stone and concrete effect accessories, with beautiful irregular forms and textures are also a striking way to introduce this imperfection alongside untreated wooden furniture and woven or wicker pieces.

Redrow | Inspiration | Dresser

Colour me happy

If a colour makes you happy, then it’s a perfect choice for bringing great summer vibes into your home. And if you want to stay on trend, then there are a few key hues to choose from. Earthy tones of sun-baked red and pink, terracotta and dusty orange are sure to make you feel like you’re in a rustic villa in southern Spain, while vibrant shades of vivid teal can help bring depth and life to your design. If you prefer a softer colour scheme then neutrals can provide a calming backdrop combined with metallic elements for a truly luxurious look.

Redrow | Inspiration | Cream Bed

Redrow | Inspiration | Table Lamps