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Stylish Storage Ideas - Room by Room

15th April 2021
Style Led Storage Hacks Room By Room  Card  Feature

Finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place isn’t easy, particularly for those with busy lives or children. Over the course of our lives we accumulate lots of “things”, some are sentimental, some practical, some we want to proudly display and others we prefer to hideaway.

Whether you’ve just moved and need a new home for your belongings or want to make more space in your existing home, our in-house interior design team share their top tips for organising your kitchen, bathrooms and children’s rooms with simple (and stylish) storage solutions.

Redrow| Inspiration | A white kitchen - with a wood panelled floor - that includes plenty of storage units


Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, while having equipment and ingredients on hand to rustle up a quick meal, is a balancing act. Kitchens in new Redrow homes are designed to be practical and stylish, with lots of storage. Kitchen islands, either included as standard, or as an optional upgrade, can provide additional storage space. There’s even the option to add an in-built wine cooler in selected designs.

Alysha Alli, Redrow’s head interior designer, explains: “We’ve introduced under hob drawers, which are great for storing utensils, pans or plates. Things like pan lids and baking trays can be kept in place with this storage rack from Lakeland; while these tiered cupboard organisers from Dunelm, are a great way to save space and ensure you can see your herbs and spices easily. This John Lewis Lazy Susan can be kept in the fridge to make it easier to access condiments. And don’t forget to utilise your cupboard doors. There are lots of ingenious items available to make the most your storage space by adding ‘extra’ shelves or hanging wire racks inside the doors.”

Storage jars, available in most homeware shops and supermarkets, can be used to make a worktop feature of pasta, cereal and other foods for an “Instagram-kitchen” look that has the added advantage of freeing up cupboard space. I particularly love the cork topped glass jars but don’t be limited to just glass, large ceramic and textured jars are also on-trend. These look great as a feature to add some colour to your kitchen worktops.”

Redrow| Inspiration | A neutral bathroom that includes a shelf and a stylish wooden storage hack on the bath

Tired of tripping over toiletries every time you step into the shower? Check out these stylish caddies available from Wayfair, including overdoor options and freestanding ones that could be positioned alongside the bath.  A Shower Gem shower caddy provides a sleek solution with space for six bottles, soap and razor. 

“We love the trend for circular frame shelves and these are a great way to showcase lust-worthy designer bottles of creams and lotions. Opt for matte black frames or a dulled metallic finish for a luxurious addition, both of which are key trends this year. Or after the toilet roll shortage of 2020, you could opt to make a statement by stylishly displaying your stash of toilet rolls!” Alysha says. “Alternatively, for a more subtle look you could use a bathroom storage box to keep things out of sight. All of these items work well in a bathroom, en suite or smaller spaces, like a downstairs cloakroom”

Alysha adds: “Real wood shelves of neatly stacked bales of towels can create a boutique hotel look or, if you want a spa style, rolled towels can save on space.”

Redrow| Inspiration | A stylish bedroom desk with a wall-mounted shelf space that includes a framed print and decorative lettering


While Mary Poppins makes tidying the nursery look fun, the reality is that keeping children’s rooms neat and tidy can be a challenge. From cuddlies to board games, books and Lego bricks, more often than not toys end up scattered across the floor. Finding a home for a menagerie of soft toys, could be easier than you think. A laundry basket or bag could be the perfect hiding place, or you could repurpose a fabric hanging wardrobe organiser. A bookcase doesn’t have to just store books – it could be where games, dolls and other toys are kept too. The hugely popular IKEA BILLY bookcase range offers a modern customisable solution in a range of colours and sizes. 

Alysha says: “Cherished children’s artwork will age quickly if it’s left out on display. You can frame sentimental pieces in box frames and make a gallery in your children’s bedroom. Meanwhile, preserve other much-loved first paintings by creating a family art collection using a scrap book or photo album, which you can put away in a cupboard or drawer. Better still, take a photo of the picture or painting and keep a digital record for a space-saving solution.” 

Redrow| Inspiration| A wall-mounted storage solution containing various magazines, over a dresser with a music player and headphones