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Top Tips for Moving House at Christmas

5th December 2018
Redrow - Inspiration - Top Tips for Moving House at Christmas

Believe it or not, December is actually a very popular time of year to move home, with around 100,000 completed property sales in the month over the last few years

That’s an awful lot of people cooking their festive dinner in a new kitchen.

It does make sense though, as with children on school holidays and many people able to take an extended break from work over the Christmas period, December can provide a great opportunity to move and settle into your new abode.

So, if you’re moving home this month, here are our top tips to help you get into the Christmas spirit with as little stress as possible.

Firstly, as with any house move, getting the kitchen organised is usually the most important task. Even more so if you’re due to be cooking turkey with all the trimmings a few days after you’ve got the keys.

Redrow | Inspiration | Mulled Wine When you pack your old kitchen up, try to pack a separate box for each drawer and cupboard, label it clearly, and then wherever possible utilise the same arrangement in your new kitchen. For example, if you kept the cutlery in your top draw in your previous home with cooking utensils in the drawer below, do the same in your next place. It will make it so much easier to find things, not just for you but for the whole family.

Also, spend some time familiarising yourself with your new kitchen appliances. It can take time to adjust to using a new oven or dishwasher, and you really don’t want to have to be referring to the instruction manual whilst you’re trying to cook for all the family on Christmas Day.

Elsewhere around the house, it can be difficult to get into the holiday mood when you’re surrounded by packing boxes. More so if you need to dig through what you’ve just taken out of the loft to find the fairy lights!

Redrow | Inspiration | Festive Candle Of course, you may decide not to bother with any decorations if you’re completing on your purchase a mere days before Christmas, which would be understandable. To make life a little easier, you could pack yourself a dedicated ‘Christmas box’ as soon as your moving date is confirmed which would help to ease the pressure considerably.

Set aside some time to find the decorations, check all the lights work and that you’ve got any other things that you traditionally use. For example Christmas stockings for children etc., then keep it safe somewhere easy to find for moving day.

When you unpack, put your Christmas box straight into your lounge so you’ve got all you need in one handy place to create a festive atmosphere in at least one room. Another idea for those who usually have a real tree but this year are opting for a faux model, is why not indulge in a pine tree scented candle so that you don’t miss out on that all-important, evocative smell?

Redrow | Inspiration | Frosted Christmas Tree Our final tip is a simple but oft-forgotten one.

With so many people ordering presents online and arranging their festive food deliveries online these days, check to make sure that you’ve updated your new address on your delivery details. Otherwise, you stand the chance of making someone else’s Christmas as they receive a bumper pack of goodies that should have been winging its way to you instead…

Why not send your photos of your first Christmas in your new Redrow home to us via Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #RedrowChristmas.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the place.