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Study reveals 'First Box' priorities across the UK

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times of our lives, but what do we see as a priority to unpack first?

Our latest survey of 1,975 Brits looked at our priorities when we arrive at a new home, and what we focus our efforts on, in order for us to feel settled.

Not surprisingly for a nation of tea lovers, over half of us (58%) unpack the kettle as a priority. The other essentials that made up the top three were getting the bed made (10%) and unboxing the Wi-Fi router (7%).

Just under a third (30%) of us take a week to fully unpack everything. Shockingly, 5% of us take over a year to unpack!

The results do vary across the UK - take a look at our map to discover ‘first box’ habits in your area.

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For those who are guilty of hiding moving boxes in spare rooms and cupboards rather than tackling the task of unpacking, we have asked homeowners to share their best tips and tricks for making a house move as smooth as possible:

Matthew Harrison, Waterlooville: “Get yourself down to your favourite supermarket and explore the fruit and veg moving boxes!! Well, empty banana boxes! The staff are more than happy to take them away (saves them breaking the boxes down). Very strong, clean and most come with lids too”.

Caroline Foreman, Hinckley: “Don’t forget to label your boxes with what's in them and which room you would like the removals to put them in at the other end! It saves hunting for stuff and having all your boxes dumped in the wrong rooms”.

Nicola Carter, Chorley: “Cutting two triangles at the sides of your cardboard boxes when packing up all your things makes it easier to carry your boxes. By creating these cuts you create handles at both sides.”

Dominic Turner, Hertford: “If you don't 'Use it Watch it or Wear it' then 'Bin it Sell it or Share it'. If you wait until packing day you'll end up taking everything with you; start early and room by room apply the above motto. It will save you time, space and removal costs whilst keeping your new home clutter free!”

Paul Manley, Bromsgrove: “Remove drawers and wrap them in cling film to keep contents in place. It saves unpacking them all! When you arrive at new home just cut off the cling film and put the drawers back in the empty chest or bedside cabinet.”

Janine Bedford, Leicester: “Put screws bolts from furniture in freezer bags and stick it to the relevant bit of furniture with masking tape. It may take a little longer to pack but will save a lot more time when settling into your new home.”

Claire Powell, Atherstone: “Always pack clothes with the hangers still in use so you can hang them straight back up again. You should also use packing as a chance to declutter.”

Angela Duckett, Totteridge & Whetstone: “Decide in advance where the safest place in your new home will be for pets, so they can rest whilst you and the removal men are unloading and unpacking.”

Nicola Griffiths, Crewe: “Pack an essentials box which will be easily accessible when you move into your new home. This needs to include a selection of tea, coffee and juice for everyone that has helped move all your belongings; cleaning materials such as a anti-bacterial spray; and a selection of clothes and last but not least - a toilet roll!”

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