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Looking for a new home?


10 REASONS why buying a new Redrow Home could save you more than you think!


Higher specification

Redrow homes have a higher specification than older properties, come with luxury fitted kitchens and bathrooms, up to date heating systems, excellent wall and loft insulation and double glazed windows. Renovating an older home to achieve all this costs on average around £50,000.


Safe as 'New' Houses

Redrow adhere to high building standards. Not because we have to but because we want to. This includes structure, ventilation, sounds insulation, electrical and fire safety, giving you peace of mind and a safer living environment. Older homes can come with all sorts of hidden problems.


Go Green

Redrow homes are built to the latest environmental standards, better for the atmosphere and your pocket, they generate 60% less CO2 emissions. Older properties can be much less efficient with higher fuel bills.


A Healthy way of Living

Redrow homes are a much healthier option, for example - Asbestos is no longer used in shingles, piping, cement board, roof tar, floor tiles, ceilings or insulation. We also don’t use paint that contains lead. An older home could include dangers you weren’t expecting!


Make it your own

With a Redrow home you can choose the specification for your kitchen and bathrooms, your fixtures and fittings, flooring and lots more all included in the price. When you first buy an older home, it comes with someone else’s choices taking years of saving to make it your own home.


Do it Yourself?

With no costly renovations, you can just sit back and enjoy, knowing that all the jobs have been done professionally and have guarantees. Redrow homes come with a 10 year NHBC Guarantee. DIY blunders in an older home are more common than you think!


Modern Living

Redrow homes are built with modern living in mind, whether it’s open plan for all the family to be together, utility rooms to hide the appliances, an en-suite you just couldn’t live without or a down stairs toilet as standard.


New Home, New Friends

With a new home you get new neighbours, within a new neighbourhood. You are all getting to know the area together building a new community. Sometimes, with an older community it can be harder to get to know your new neighbours.


Rewards? Awards?

We are proud of our homes and the way we do business, and we have the awards to back that up. Acknowledgement from our industry is hard to achieve and we have worked hard to get it. Older properties are simply unable to compete!


Before, During and After

Redrow are here for you, from choosing your new home, selling your old home, to helping you with legal advice. We give you updates on how your house is progressing and even after moving in we make sure you are happy with everything and put it right if you are not! An estate agent is simply unable to offer you any level of after care or support.

Find your Redrow Home

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