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Inside your home

  • Loft access and storage

    Loft access and storage

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 1m 17s

    If your new home has a loft space, the hatch to access this will most likely be found on the landing where you will be able to access your fully insulated loft space.

  • Advice on how to run-in a new home

    Advice on how to run-in a new home

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 1m 48s

    After moving in to your new Redrow home you will need to ‘run-in’ your property. It is important to allow your home to ‘dry out’ as the water used during construction evaporates.

  • Alarm warranties & servicing

    Alarm warranties & servicing

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 41s

    To ensure your alarm remains in top condition and working as it should, it is important that you maintain the security system correctly.

  • Basics of the consumer unit

    Basics of the consumer unit

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 1m 19s

    The consumer unit, or fuse box, is the main distribution unit throughout your home. It controls electrics throughout and should be tested every three months.

  • Different types of paint used

    Different types of paint used

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 45s

    The interior walls and woodwork will have been painted before you moved in to your new home, with a variety paints used on different surfaces throughout the property.

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