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Practical garage ventilation and storage tips

Because the majority of detached garages are not insulated or water tight, homeowners are advised to only store items which are durable in this type of conditions.
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  • Garage concrete floors
    Garage concrete floors

    Garage concrete floors

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 38s

    New home owners are advised to reduce the amount of concrete dust your garage floor creates and potential for staining, by painting or sealing the garage floor.

  • Garage electrics
    Garage electrics

    Garage electrics

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    Your garage includes both an internal light and plug sockets, whilst also including its own consumer unit, also known as a fuse box, on one of the walls inside.

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    How to programme your electric garage door

    How to programme your electric garage door

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    Your garage will need to be paired with the remote control before they can be used together. It may also be necessary to reset your garage door in windy weather and these can both be done via the garage motor.

  • Integrated garages
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    Integrated garages

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    An extra layer of brickwork increases the amount of heat an integrated garage retains, whilst preventing moisture from penetrating through the bricks.

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    Manual garage door operation

    Manual garage door operation

    Uploaded 23.06.2015 | Duration 47s

    Manually opening your garage door can be achieved by turning the correct key in the lock, and releasing the locking system.

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