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There are many different kinds of mortgages. And many different kinds of mortgage provider. From traditional banks and building societies to the new generation specialist lenders. With so much choice available, you’d do well to ask a mortgage specialist.

Which is where we come in.

We work with specially selected mortgage specialists who can help find the mortgage deal that’s best for you. And the best thing is, you hardly have to lift a finger. Just fill in your details below and let our mortgage calculator do the maths.

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Repayment mortgage (£): 000
Interest only mortgage (£):
mortgage rates can go up as well as down
At 5% a repayment mortgage will cost (£): 000
At 5% a interest only mortgage will cost (£): 000

Speak to an Mortgage Specialist

Once your calculations are done, click on the find your new home button and browse the wide selection of available homes.  Once you have found what you are looking for, speak with one of our Redrow Sales Consultants who will be able to recommend someone.

Notes: The above figures assume an annual reset type mortgage which recalculates mortgage payments once a year. As such they may slightly overstate the monthly payments for more flexible mortgages, offering monthly or even daily recalculation of payments.

A repayment mortgage is one where mortgage payments cover both the interest costs over time. An interest only mortgage is one where the mortgage payments only cover interest costs. With interest only loans, the mortgage amount does not automatically decrease overtime. Frequently, borrowers will set up an ISA, endowment or some other investment product (at additional cost), designed to repay the loan at the end of its term.

*Independent Financial Advisor

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