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New home warranties: what is covered?

One of the many benefits of purchasing a new build home with Redrow is knowing that we’re here when you need us. You won't need to worry about old or outdated fittings or crumbling structural work as you might with an older property - you can trust that Redrow has built all our new homes on your development to the very highest standard and that you've got cover should anything need to be fixed or looked at.

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What to know when buying with Redrow

  • We work with the National House Building Council (NHBC) and other similar warranty providers to offer a 10-year warranty on your new home.
  • Redrow covers the first two years of warranty, with the NHBC or provider covering the rest.
  • You can use the Homeowner Support portal via MyRedrow to log and manage any warranty claims within the first two years of living in your home.

What is a new build warranty?

When you buy a new build home, you'll be provided with a warranty to guarantee the quality and reliability of the property. The warranty acts as protection for homeowners, meaning they won't have to pay out of pocket to repair any potential structural problems or issues with their new home.

Redrow works with the National House Building Council and other similar providers who offer the same level of cover, and all our new homes come with a 10-year warranty (known as the Buildmark), protecting against structural issues. On some of our developments, we may work with a different warranty provider (who provides the same cover). As well as adhering to strict quality guidelines when it comes to building our homes, we can also offer our homeowners peace of mind and extended security.

The NHBC covers around 75% of the new homes built in the UK, protecting homeowners and offering peace of mind during the sale process. With our homes, Redrow covers the first two years, with the NHBC offering a further eight years of cover. Other providers we use offer the same amount of cover.

What is covered with the 10-year NHBC warranty?

There are two stages to the Buildmark 10-year warranty offered with Redrow and the NHBC.

What is covered during the builder warranty (first 2 years)?

With our new homes, Redrow covers the first two years of the warranty. This means that defects or issues with fixtures and fittings in your new home will be fixed by us.

We have a dedicated Homeowner Support portal within MyRedrow where you can get help and guidance on how to best live in and maintain your home. You can also let us know if something goes wrong online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During this time new homeowners are covered against structural problems with the building.

What is covered during the NHBC cover (years 3-10)?

After the initial two years covered by Redrow, new homeowners will then receive an eight-years warranty from the NHBC or relevant provider. This means that you're covered against any major problems with the property itself. Generally, these include issues with parts like:

  • Ceilings.
  • Foundations.
  • Roofs.
  • Floors.
  • Chimneys.
  • Load bearing walls.
  • Stairs.

It's important to remember that this part of the warranty doesn't cover any non-structural things, like problems with any fixtures or guttering. These defects become the homeowner's responsibility after the first two years.

What isn't covered by a new home warranty?

It's important to remember that general wear and tear isn't covered under warranty, so normal maintenance or refreshes will be the homeowner's responsibility. Damage from weather or any problems that arise due to lack of maintenance also won't be covered. Things like damage, dampness and condensation might be covered if they happen as a result of a problem with the initial building work.

What should I do if I spot a defect?

If you find a problem or issue in your new home within your initial warranty period, get in touch with Redrow’s Homeowner Support team via your MyRedrow account as soon as possible. Of course, it's important to bear in mind that depending on where you are in your warranty cycle and what the issue is, you might be liable for taking care of repairs yourself.

With new Redrow homes, we're always on hand to help you have the best experience - and that doesn't end once you move in. Register for MyRedrow and visit the Homeowner Support section for further advice.

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To the best of Redrow’s knowledge, everything in this guide is true at the time of writing. All descriptions, images and plans are illustrations, examples and/or approximations only and some processes listed may differ when buying a Redrow home, please speak with the sales team at your chosen development for more details. Redrow does not accept any liability or responsibility contractual or otherwise for any reliance on the information contained within the guide.