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Why is Open Plan Living so Popular

17th June 2020
Redrow  Inspiration  Two children play games while their mother reads on the sofa

Ask most people what they want from their new home and they say ‘open plan living’. We take a look at how the home has evolved to suit this trend and why it’s so popular.

History of home

In order to truly understand the modern popularity of open plan living, we need to take a little trip back in time.

In the Victorian era, houses were made up of several, separate rooms, all with a distinct purpose. Kitchen, entertainment spaces and dining rooms or ‘parlours’ were all kept apart, reflecting a more formal way of living.

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that open plan living came along. American architect Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered a movement of combining rooms to create a more flowing space.

A renovation revolution

Those ideas of continuous, combined spaces are more popular than ever today. You only have to watch Channel 4 on a weekday evening to see the nation queuing up to knock a wall down. Even back in 2012, The Telegraph found that one in five homes had a downstairs wall demolished within the last 10 years.

There is an easier way to achieve open plan living, of course. Buy new. From 3 to 5 bed homes, the entire Heritage Collection is built around the core principles of open plan living. The majority have utility rooms and smart storage solutions to keep the space looking clean and spacious, something that’s harder to replicate when renovating a second hand home.

Open plan layout often means connecting the indoors with the outdoors

Why open plan could work for you

One of the major benefits of open plan living is how it encourages sociable living and gives your home a real hub. Gone are the days of someone cooking dinner in the kitchen, while the kids are in the lounge before all sitting in the dining room to eat. Open plan means this can happen together.

Creating a larger space isn't the only reason people like this way of living. Open plan layout often means connecting the indoors with the outdoors. At Redrow, all our homes have either french or bi-fold doors which create a sense of connection with the garden, an increasingly important area to many home buyers. This also had the added benefit of letting much more natural light into the home.

While it sounds great, some do have concerns about this way of living, especially about heating and privacy. Fortunately, homes in our Heritage Collection can help with both. Underfloor heating means you don’t have to worry about your big space being cold and separate living areas give you a sense of retreat when you need it.

Explore for yourself

Still not sure if open plan living is for you? Why not take a virtual tour of The Henley, our most viewed four bedroom home, below. If you’d rather experience the flowing, open space in person, find your nearest development by typing your postcode into the box underneath this article and book an appointment to explore our show homes.