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Ready for a new Redrow home? Try Part Exchange.

A brand new, well-designed, energy-efficient home. Tick. A fantastic location. Tick. A quick and effortless move. Tick. When you Part Exchange your existing property for your dream Redrow home, it can streamline the whole process, ticking all your boxes in one fell swoop.

Part Exchange - Redrow

What is Part Exchange?

Part exchanging your home means trading in your existing home so you can buy a new one.

And with us, it’s so much simpler. You’ll enjoy a more serene move; because we'll take care of everything. We'll start by instructing local estate agents to value your current home so we can get you an 'open market' valuation. If we're both happy with the price, that's what we'll pay you for your old home when you trade it in to buy your new Redrow home.

Buying with Redrow - Part Exchange - What is Part Exchange

A hassle-free move

Part Exchange means a faster, easier move and the luxury of knowing your house sale is going to go through. There are:

  • No chains.
  • No estate agent fees.
  • No stress.
  • No nasty surprises.

There's no need to worry about buyers pulling out and no unpredictable last minute negotiations. In fact, all you’ll need to do is focus on what counts: like making your home your own before you move in via My Redrow.

Buying with Redrow  Part Exchange  A faster easier move

How does Part Exchange work at Redrow?

Here’s some key information you should know about part exchanging your current home for a new Redrow one:

  • The home you Part Exchange must be less than the value of the Redrow home you’re buying.
  • The home being part exchanged will be valued by one of our preferred partners and it will be priced to deliver a sale within six weeks.
  • We’ll complete the purchase of your home on the same day you complete the purchase of your new Redrow.
Buying with Redrow - Part Exchange - How does part exchange work at Redrow

Upgrade to happy ever after

If you thought your dream Redrow home was out of reach, think again. Because Part Exchange can give you peace of mind while you purchase and you’ll also benefit from the superior build quality and excellent energy efficiency we’re known for once you’re in.

So, if you want to head straight to happily ever after and fast-track your way to a home that gives you an all-new lifestyle upgrade, then Part Exchange could be one of the smartest choices you'll ever make.

Buying with Redrow - Part Exchange - Upgrade to happy ever after

Part Exchanged frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for Part Exchange?

Signing up to Part Exchange your current home for a new Redrow one is easy. Simply speak to the sales team at your preferred development and they’ll let you know which homes are available with Part Exchange. Once you find one you like, you can complete and submit the Part Exchange application form.

What criteria do I need to meet to use Part Exchange?

Part Exchange is only available on selected plots and developments and is subject to terms and conditions, details of which you can find at the bottom of this page. Ex-local authority, leasehold and investment properties along with apartments, homes which have listed status or an EPC rating below an E cannot be used.

When will the valuations be carried out?

Once you’ve completed your Part Exchange application form, we will then instruct our preferred independent partners to carry out valuations of your current home.

How will I know the valuation is correct?

Your current home will be independently valued at least twice so that we can offer you the fairest possible price, based on a presumed sale within 6 weeks. You remain in control at every stage and it’s up to you if you still wish to proceed once you’ve been given an offer for your current home.

How long do I have to decide once an offer is made on my current home?

Following the independent valuations of your existing home, we’ll make you an offer which you’ll need to respond to within two working days. If you do not accept the offer, your Part Exchange application and reservation for your new Redrow home will be cancelled.

There’s plenty of ways we can help you move

With a range of ways to help you move and tailored support available, your new Redrow home has never been closer.

Redrow - Buying with Redrow - Tailored Moving Support

Tailored Moving Support

Save on your move in a way that works for you

From a contribution to your deposit to supporting your moving fees, we’re here to help however you need it.
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Buying with Redrow - Part Exchange -Readymade


Can’t wait to move into your new Redrow?

Our Readymade homes have been curated by our in-house interior design team and ready to move straight into.
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Help to Sell

Sell, save and move with confidence thanks to Help to Sell

If part exchange isn't for you, take a look why our Help to Sell scheme might be a better option to get you moving.
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Use the customisable search to find the perfect new home for you.

  • Find detailed floor plans, galleries, and 3D virtual tours.
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Terms and conditions

With a range of ways to help you move and tailored support available, your new Redrow home has never been closer.

Redrow Homes (‘Redrow’) – Part Exchange T&Cs:


  1. Part Exchange is only available on selected plots and developments and is subject to our standard terms and conditions. Part Exchange will only be available where the existing property being traded in is no more than 70% of the selling price of the plot you are considering purchasing, up to a maximum value of £400,000.
  2. All properties shall need to be considered for Part Exchange to establish their method of construction or unusual characteristics. Redrow does not accept ex-local authority properties, leasehold houses, apartments, properties with listed status, properties with an EPC rating below an E, or investment properties under its Part Exchange Scheme. Redrow are under no obligation to make an offer.
  3. Any offer made to purchase your existing property will be at fair value and will be based on a presumed sale of within 6 weeks. Our offer will be subject to a RICS survey and an independent valuation.
  4. To be considered for Part Exchange you will need to have completed the Part Exchange application form in full, a Reservation Agreement and have paid your Reservation Deposit.
  5. You will need to provide access to our appointed estate agents, or our representative within 3 working days for the purposes of valuations and inspection of your existing property.
  6. Following valuation and inspection of your existing property we will make you a verbal offer. Your acceptance will be required within 2 working days and any written offer must be returned within 2 working days of receipt. Upon acceptance your Reservation Agreement will be processed. If you do not accept our offer, your application for Part Exchange and your reservation on the new property will be cancelled.
  7. Please note that any offer made to you by us under the Part Exchange scheme is subject to any necessary further enquires or reports.
  8. You will need to ensure your solicitor is instructed to proceed on your behalf upon acceptance of our offer and to meet our 42-day exchange requirement.
  9. You agree to cancel any existing arrangements with any agents and any agents’ fees or commissions and VAT that may have been incurred by you prior to our agreement will remain your responsibility. Redrow will not accept liability towards any such costs or charges.
  10. Both your purchase of the new home and our Part Exchange agreement are subject to contract until the exchange has taken place on both transactions.
  11. Upon exchange of contracts you will be required to pay a 10% exchange deposit on the difference between the purchase price of your current home and your new home. These cleared funds need to be available with your legal advisor in good time.
  12. We will market your existing property prior to your move into a new Redrow home. You agree to allow reasonable access to your existing property to facilitate the resale (subject to agreed appointments) and to the erection of a “for sale” sign.
  13. Any estate agents appointed by us to market your existing property will be acting on our behalf and should the complete transaction proceed to mutual legal completion any fees and commissions for the appointed agents will be met by Redrow. Should either party withdraw from the transaction, but you continue to sell your existing property to any individual introduced by our appointed agents during the period of our instructions, and any such sale proceed to a legal completion, you would be responsible for the agents’ commission and VAT.
  14. Certain items are deemed fixtures and fittings within your existing property and must remain within the property and are included in our offer. Such items will be set out within the Property Inspection Form. 

  15. Our estate agent or our representative will discuss these with you, and they must be identified on the Property Inspection Form, which in turn will form part of our legal agreement. If there are specific items, you wish to remove these must be identified with our estate agent or our representative and duly documented. This may necessitate your replacing any items removed or carrying out reinstatement of walls, ceilings, or floors to an acceptable standard, including the filling of any holes and repainting. Items in the garden including plants, shed and water features are also deemed fixtures and fittings and must remain unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  16. A Corgi or Gas safe service certificate will be required on all gas equipment and an electrical testing certificate will be required on all electric equipment within your existing property prior to exchange of contracts to certify they are safe and in a full working condition.
  17. You will also be required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate.
  18. Any prepaid service meters must be replaced with standard credit meters prior to legal completion.
  19. Your existing property must continue to be maintained internally and externally to an acceptable standard until legal completion and on legal completion must be left clean and tidy including the garden, loft, and any outbuildings with only the agreed items remaining. A sum of £500 will need to be retained by your conveyancer upon completion, which will be released to you subject to your property being left in a satisfactory condition and in accordance with our agreement following an inspection either by our own personnel or our appointed agents. We reserve the right to utilise this retention money to deal with any issues that may be found with any balance money subsequently returned to you. This may include any electrical, gas or plumbing issue or any items remaining that should be in a safe and working order. No rubbish or waste must remain on or in your property on the day of legal completion. If rectification costs exceed £500 you will be responsible for the difference with no maximum limit.
  20. On the day of legal completion you will not receive the keys to your new home until completion has taken place on your existing property and only then when it is confirmed that you have left the keys as set out in the Property Inspection Form with our appointed estate agent or ourselves, along with any alarm codes. You will be notified prior to legal completion where these keys are to be left. Any keys not provided may necessitate a locksmith being instructed on our behalf to replace locks and supply keys, the cost of which would be recovered from you.
  21. You will be responsible for all service company invoices up to and including the day of legal completion. Please ensure you have had all your meters read in order that the final bills can be forwarded on to you for settlement. We will not accept any bills or invoices for periods of consumption prior to completion date.
  22. Full vacant possession of your existing home will be required upon legal completion.
  23. Offer is not available while new property is at early build stages.

September 2023