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Eco Now

Our Eco Now homes use our highly efficient ‘Fabric-First’ approach to save on your energy bills. From the way the home is laid out, the material we use to build it and the high-specification doors, windows and boilers we use, everything is designed to retain heat in the home.



Big spaces, big savings

Large open-plan spaces aren't the only benefit of a brand new Redrow home. Our Eco Now homes are incredibly energy efficient, meaning you can save £2,195* a year on your energy bills compared to a second hand home.

If you’re wanting to see how much you could save living in your favourite Redrow compared to your current home then head down to your nearest development to use our Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) calculator.


Making a sustainable lifestyle that bit easier

Moving to a new Redrow home doesn't just help your wallet. The average UK property has an EPC rating of D, our homes have a B rating, which makes a big difference in the emissions caused by living in your home. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can even add solar panels to your home via My Redrow.
Redrow - Eco Now -  A sustainable lifestyle

What makes an Eco Now home energy efficient?

Our homes are built with a fabric first approach to conserve heat. They exceed air-tightness standards by more than 50% while maintaining air quality through extract ventilation and trickle vents. These provide a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the home.

Double glazed windows help with heat conservation and smart heating controls allow you to keep your home at a steady temperature. Eco Now homes also use less water than required by building regulations, without any compromise in function. They outperform the minimum standard by an extra 20 litres per person per day.


Where you can be sure of an ‘Excellent’ experience

We’re proud to have an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating. Take a look at some of our 5 star reviews below.
They answered all our questions and with the interactive screen walked us through all eventualities, even down to a comparison of energy savings with a new property and our current home!
John, Trustpilot Redrow customers
Nothing seemed too much for our hosts from skirting board heights to taller ceilings…energy efficient boilers, kitchen islands (I could go on) and on top of that we got to play with the big digital TV showing the full 3D vision of site works, plans, prices, boundaries etc etc.
Jane, Trustpilot Redrow customer
We have considered lots of different builders, but none of them compare to Redrow. The quality of their homes and service has been fantastic.
Rapinda, Trustpilot Redrow customer
So happy we bought our first home with redrow. The quality and service has been excellent. As first time buyers we got a lot of support through the process.
L.A, Trustpilot Redrow customer

Your questions answered

What is an Eco Now home?

Our Eco Now homes use our ‘Fabric-First’ approach to retaining heat in the home. They’re heated using A+ rated energy efficient gas boilers to save you an average of £2,600* on your energy bills.

What does ‘fabric first’ mean?

It’s about building energy efficiency into the very fabric of the home, using enhanced insulation, highly efficient doors, windows and heating systems to reduce the home's energy use and retain heat.

The average UK home has an EPC D rating but our ‘fabric first’ design ensures our homes are rated B. This results in overall lower energy consumption and reduced running costs for Redrow home owners.

What will buying an Eco Now home mean for airflow in my home?

To help maintain healthy airflow within our homes we install trickle and purge vents alongside extractor fans in places that see high moisture levels such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

How exactly will my Eco Now home help to reduce water usage?

Our homes greatly reduce water usage through the installation of low flow water taps. Low flow taps see the introduction of air to the water flow when being used. The flow and pressure of water is not affected by adding air here and this small change helps our homes to outperform the standard for water usage by an extra 20 litres per person per day.

What optional extras/ upgrades are available to make my home even more energy efficient?

If you wish to add further energy efficiency features to your Eco Now home you can purchase solar panels through My Redrow. Please speak with the sales team on your chosen development for more information.


Energy Efficiency

Eco Electric

With our new generation Eco Electric homes, you can enjoy superb future-ready features.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

You could save an average of £2,575* on your annual energy bills with a new Redrow.

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is available as standard in the majority of our Eco Electric homes.


Research by the HBF, based on EPC ratings, suggests that buyers of new build houses could have saved an average of £2,575 on their annual energy bills last year. HBF Report - Watt a Save