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A Place for Living

At Redrow our aim is to build high quality homes, but also to create places where people really want to live. We pride ourselves on building sustainable, vibrant communities that enrich and enhance the lives of residents. We achieve this by helping people connect to one another in the community, creating wildlife habitats, promoting health and wellbeing and honouring the local area in the design of our developments.

Designed for Connection

Welcome to your new community. We are creating sociable places that are designed to help people come together. Places where we’d all like to live, with safe open spaces and community facilities to meet with friends.

Feeling Welcome

You can also search #RedBowDay across socials to see other peoples moving in day snaps or gain some interior inspiration.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Open Plan Socialising

Community Spaces

And once you’ve settled in, you’ll be able to enjoy getting together with friends old and new at the various spaces we’ve created for meeting up and socialising. From community centres to green open spaces there's a feel-good place for everyone.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Chatting on a Bench

Walking & Cycling

We design our developments with accessibility and safety in mind meaning they are easy to navigate by foot or bike on those days when you need some fresh air. This also means it's easier for you to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle as you can opt to leave the car at home when it suits you. Lots of the nearby amenities and attractions we have to offer you are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Cycling

A Place for Living

Discover how we build spaces for everyone with our interactive place making walk through.


Nature on your doorstep

Explore the many woodlands, meadows and ponds that are situated throughout our beautiful developments. Good for wildlife, good for you.

Natural open spaces

Whether it's heading out for a wander on your lunch break or entertaining the kids during the summer holidays our green open spaces mean you'll be able to enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits of nature on your doorstep.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Pond View

Green Routes

Threaded throughout our developments are shared green corridors to allow both people and wildlife to move easily through the community. These routes help to integrate people with the nature around them whilst also enhancing the local landscape.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Walking

Edible Landscapes

We are creating community orchards and allotments in many of our new neighbourhoods - a great way to bring people together to grow their own whilst providing a focal point for community activities and events.

Redrow - A  Place for Living - Allotment

Homes for Nature

As well as creating nature-rich landscapes and green routes, we also install bird boxes and hedgehog homes around our developments. This helps nature to thrive and enables you to enjoy watching wildlife every day.


Peace and Quiet

Enjoy a little time out of the busyness of life and find a quiet spot to sit and relax for a while; listening to the birds or spotting butterflies and bumblebees in the wildflower areas.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Distant Street Scene

Family Fun

There are also plenty of opportunities for spending time together as a family, with lots of places to go and things to do. Across our developments we have included amenities from play areas and sports centres to shops and libraries to fit in perfectly around the local woods and trails that already exist and are ready to be explored.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Picnic Bench

Keeping it local

You’ll be proud to live in a community that honours the unique characteristics of the local areas in its design, materials and layout - creating sensitive development that really fits in and leave a lasting legacy.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Street Scene

Better Places

We have memorable development entrances, beautiful landscaping and a variety of street scenes. Somewhere you feel safe and will effortlessly make new local friends – so getting home from dinner parties is easier too. It’s time to discover a better way to live.

Redrow - A Place for Living - Apartment Exterior

Discover more about our place making initiatives

Healthy Towns - teaser


Redrow recognises the importance of residents’ health and wellbeing, as part of the NHS Healthy Towns Network

Redrow has pledged its commitment to making health and wellbeing a core consideration when designing new developments.
Teaser Carey Fields development SUDs and homes


Redrow and Wildlife Trusts team up to develop new biodiversity nature-friendly development strategy

The strategy will ensure Redrow protect, maintain and increase natural habitats throughout all of their developments.
Glenwood Park Redrow Hedgehog - credit Andrea Ormesby


Redrow champions biodiversity through 'net-gain' approach

 Redrow is adopting a strategic approach to achieving a net biodiversity gain across its developments by enhancing natural habitats.