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A 10-year warranty for your Redrow Home

Our homes come with the security of a NHBC 10-year warranty (or other warranty provider LABC or Premier). Buying a new build home is already a great investment, and you also avoid the risks of a chain falling through during the sales process. 

Buying your home represents one of the most secure routes onto the property ladder that you can take. With a 10 year guarantee, a new home really does represent a better way to live.

Who are the NHBC?

The NHBC - more fully known as the National House Building Council - is the industry leader for new home insurance and warranties, as well as standard setting. Established in 1936, the NHBC carries out over 900,000 on-site inspections per year, to ensure that newly-built homes are of the highest possible standard.

By being registered with the NHBC, Redrow have to guarantee strict compliance with all technical requirements during the house building process, which includes home design, materials and workmanship.

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What does the NHBC cover?

Redrow cover the first two years and the NHBC offer a further eight years cover, so ten years in total.

10-year structural warranty - this covers the costs of fixing any damage that results from structural or weatherproofing failures in your new Redrow home.

2-year fixtures and fittings warranty - you have the added reassurance that if something goes wrong within your home, and is covered by the 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty, Redrow will put it right, giving you complete peace of mind.

It's also worth noting that if you sell or let your new Redrow home while its still in warranty, then the new owners will inherit the same benefits. 

For more information, please visit the NHBC website

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