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Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we want you to enjoy a better way to live in your new Redrow. We’re always on hand to help, every step of the way.
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At Redrow we understand that buying a new home is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s a major financial commitment too. That’s why you need to make the right decision about who to buy from. At Redrow we like to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your dream home. So, as soon as you choose to buy, we’ll provide you with your own dedicated customer support team composed of colleagues from Build, Sales and Customer Services to guide you through the entire process.

They’ll always be on hand to give you the best possible advice and to help take away the stress at every stage. They’ll give you all the information you could possibly need about your new home, provide regular updates on the progress of your build and keep you fully informed on the legal side of things right from reservation to completion. They’ll even help you to choose the fixtures, fittings and exciting optional extras that make a house a home!

Of course, if you’d rather take more control of matters, you should sign in to My Redrow. It’s a whole new way to buy your home and it’s unique to Redrow. sign up and you will see every location and property we have on offer and be able to choose your favourites and save them to your own list with ease. You can make all your appointments, your reservation, handle the legal details, select your home’s décor and even order all those extra special finishing touches online – all from the comfort of your favourite armchair. You needn’t feel alone though. If you have any questions at all, just pick up the phone. Your Sales team will be ready for your call.

And it doesn’t end there. At Redrow we believe that customer service shouldn’t come to an end just because you’ve completed your purchase. We are here for the extent of your warranty, helping in any way we can. You will continue to have access to My Redrow and Homeowner Support is available to you 24/7.  Homeowner Support will provide you with information on how to get the best out of living in your new Redrow home, supplying helpful advice along with troubleshooting articles / videos.  This is also the place to go if you want to let us know if something is not quite right.  Additionally, when you move into your new Redrow home, you’ll be given a personalised ‘Homefile’ full of practical information and handy hints about every aspect of your home. It’ll be useful for years to come.

All of this together is our unique way of looking after our customers. And it’s all the personal touches that makes Redrow that little bit different. 

A better way to serve you

Information we collect from you and how we use it:

We will collect and use your personal information to enable us to provide fair and equal services to you whether you are just looking or actively buying a Redrow.
As part of this and our commitment to treating customers fairly, we will ask whether you consider yourself to be vulnerable or if adaptations to our services would assist you. This will help us:

  • better meet your needs
  • comply with regulatory and legal requirements about how we treat vulnerable customers

When you choose to reserve a home with Redrow, we ask that you let us know about anything that would require us to tailor our services for you to meet any special needs and requirements.
We will handle and process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation and our Data Protection Policy.

Redrow - Customer Service - Sales Consultant on Telephone - Desktop View Redrow - Customer Service - Sales Consultant on Telephone - Mobile View

As a premium homebuilding company, we want you to have absolute confidence when buying a new home from us. That’s why we’ve created a list of rules that every Redrow employee is trained to adhere to. We call it the Redrow Customer Charter.

At Redrow, we are committed to delivering a quality service to you, our customer, throughout the whole homebuying process and beyond.

We also comply with the requirements of the New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice* which is displayed in our Customer Experience Suites and is available in the reservation pack issued to you when you begin the process of buying a new home.

*Appropriate for all homes reserved after October 4th 2022, for reservations prior to this the relevant Consumer Code will be available to you within your reservation documentation.

As your homebuilder we will:

  • Provide you with full details and clear information about your chosen home
  • Provide trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you in the buying process
  • Be available to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with any relevant contact details
  • Assist you during the selection of Standard Choices and Optional Extras for your new home
  • Provide you with health and safety advice to minimise the risk of danger during construction and in the use of your new home after you move in
  • Provide you with reliable information about the Buildmark Cover, and any other cover from which you may benefit
  • Keep you fully informed about the completion and occupation of your new home
  • Ensure that the functions and facilities of your home are demonstrated to you prior to moving in
  • Inform you about the after-sales service we provide, as set out in the Home Buyer Guide. Our aim is to deal effectively and efficiently with both routine service matters and with any emergencies
  • Provide you with access to our complaints policy should you become dissatisfied with any part of your experience of dealing with us
  • Provide you with the opportunity to view your completed home once notice has been served. 

As your homebuilder we want to let you know:

  • Repeated or 'spam' posting onto our social media channels may result in your access on these platforms being suspended or removed. Unreasonable, persistent contact is also unacceptable.
  • Should you wish to film one of our employees you must have their explicit consent. This also applies to sharing Customer Communication Videos which have been sent to you. If a colleague is filmed or a video shared without individual consent we have the right to remove this from any social channels and take further action to protect our colleagues. 
  • We will always treat our customers with respect and civility and ask that you show our colleagues and working partners the same courtesy. Abusive, threatening or otherwise incendiary language and behaviour towards our team is not acceptable. In the event this occurs we may be forced to take whatever measures we deem necessary to protect our colleagues, including ceasing communication.
Redrow - Customer Charter - Colleague on Telephone Redrow - Customer Charter - Colleague on Telephone - Mobile Version

How does the New Homes Quality Board* look after you, the home buyer?

To put it simply, the New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice* is the rule book that all Home Builders have to follow and adhere to with their marketing, selling and aftersales care.

Download our 10 Guiding Principles PDF below detailing the code requirements or download a full copy of the New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice. For any further information on the New Homes Quality Board Code visit

Download New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice

Download NHQC 10 Guiding Principles

*This code applies to any reservation made after October 4th 2022. If you reserved your home prior to this date, the relevant code of reference is the Consumer Code that is available within your reservation documents or here.

Redrow nhbc code of practice  october 2022 Redrow nhbc code of practice  october 2022

Our Response To Legacy Fire Safety Issues

In our Interim Results we said we believe the housebuilding industry should play its part in resolving the issue of legacy fire safety in high rise buildings and that the financial burden should not be borne by leaseholders.

We’ve signed the Government’s pledge regarding the remediation of life critical fire safety issues in buildings over 11m that we developed in the past 30 years. As we’ve said in our statement this is a complex process and it will take time to establish the work required and the number of buildings affected. We will liaise with building owners and management companies as we begin this process.

You can read our signed pledge letter here.

For any related queries, please email:

Our Commitment
To You

Redrow are committed to providing homes and service to the highest standard; our aim is that you will enjoy living in your new home.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, but despite the care we take, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong.

No matter whether you complain informally or formally, we assure you that we’ll investigate all complaints fairly, consistently and promptly in a transparent and impartial way. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues taking all relevant factors into account to ensure a just outcome is reached.


Have a Problem?
Let Us Help

If you haven’t previously raised a complaint with your Divisional office, that is the place to start.

For Sales matters you should contact your local sales office and for anything else you should contact the customer services team. Please note that the reporting of snagging / defects that are covered by your two year warranty should be done online, through Homeowner Support via My Redrow.

The appropriate colleagues there will listen to your concerns and do the up most to resolve the matter for you.

Once you have given the divisional office the opportunity to deal with your complaint, should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may wish to make a formal complaint. You can do this by following the complaints process set out below.


Steps We Take Dealing
With A Formal Complaint

There are a number of steps we take once you raise a complaint.
You have a complaint

If you have a complaint relating to a matter which has been considered previously by the divisional office and you are unhappy with the outcome you may wish for this to be reviewed.

Our local management teams are best placed to deal with any issues relating to your home, development or recent communication, so in the first instance, your complaint will be investigated by the appropriate Head of Department at the divisional office.

Not resolved to your satisfaction?
If you are not satisfied that the problem has been fully resolved or consider that the handling of your complaint has not been adequate and remain dissatisfied with the response from the divisional Head of Department, you can request that a review is completed by the local Managing Director.
You're still not happy
We hope that all formal complaints can be addressed by the local management team, however, in the unlikely event that you remain unhappy with the outcome at stages one and two the Regional Chief Executive will independently review your concerns. A full response will be sent to you of the conclusion, including Redrow’s final position on the matters raised.

If after completing the above 3 steps we have been unable to reach a mutually acceptable resolution, you may wish to refer to your Home Warranty provider’s dispute and resolution service or the Consumer Code for Home Builders for further guidance.

You can download our complaints procedure here.

Make A
Formal Complaint

Please note that this form is not for notifying us of defects / issues in your home that you have not previously submitted for review. To do that you should visit your dedicated Homeowner Support area on My Redrow.