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At Redrow we understand that buying a new home is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s a major financial commitment too. That’s why you need to make the right decision about who to buy from. At Redrow we like to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your dream home. So, as soon as you choose to buy, we’ll provide you with your own dedicated Customer Service Team to guide you through the entire process. They’ll always be on hand to give you the best possible advice and to help take away the stress at every stage.

They’ll give you all the information you could possibly need about your new home, provide regular updates on the progress of your build and keep you fully informed on the legal side of things right from reservation to completion. They’ll even help you to choose the fixtures, fittings and exciting optional extras that make a house a home!

Of course, if you’d rather take more control of matters, you should sign in to My Redrow. It’s a whole new way to buy your home and it’s unique to Redrow. Join up and you can see every location and property we have on offer, choose your favourites and save them to your own list. You can make all your appointments, your reservation, handle the legal details, select your home’s décor and even order all those extra special finishing touches online – all from the comfort of your favourite armchair. You needn’t feel alone though. If you have any questions at all, just pick up the phone. Your Customer Services Team will be ready for your call.

And it doesn’t end there. At Redrow we believe that Customer Service shouldn’t come to an end just because you’ve completed your purchase. We’ll be there for as long as you need us, helping in any way we can. Plus, when you move into your new Redrow home, you’ll be given a personalised ‘Homefile’ full of practical information and handy hints about every aspect of your home. It’ll be useful for years to come and also contains all the numbers to call if you’d like our help with anything.

It’s our unique way of looking after our customers. And it’s another one of those personal touches that makes Redrow that little bit different.

Redrow Customer Charter

As a premium homebuilding company, we want you to have absolute confidence when buying a new home from us. That’s why we’ve created a list of rules that every Redrow employee is trained to adhere to. We call it the Redrow Customer Charter.

The Redrow Customer Charter

At Redrow, we are committed to delivering a quality service to you, our customer, throughout the whole homebuying process and beyond.

We also comply with the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders ("Consumer Code").

The "Consumer Code" is displayed in our Marketing Suites and available on the USB in the reservation pack issued to you when you begin the process of buying a new home.

As your homebuilder we will:

  • Provide you with full details and clear information about your chosen home
  • Provide trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you in the buying process
  • Be available to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with any relevant contact details
  • Assist you during the selection of Standard Choices and Optional Extras for your new home
  • Provide you with health and safety advice to minimise the risk of danger during construction and in the use of your new home after you move in
  • Provide you with reliable information about the Buildmark Cover, and any other cover from which you may benefit
  • Keep you fully informed about the completion and occupation of your new home
  • Ensure that the functions and facilities of your home are demonstrated to you prior to moving in
  • Inform you about the after-sales service we provide, as set out in the Homebuyer Guide. Our aim is to deal effectively and efficiently with both routine service matters and with any emergencies

Complaints Policy

Contact points and procedures

If the complaint comes in by email, letter or telephone, the Customer Service team will assess the nature of the complaint, answer the question if possible, and if appropriate, will direct the customer to additional materials that are relevant.

First responses to complaints will be made within one working day of their receipt.

If the query cannot be answered by the recipient of the complaint, it will be passed to the relevant person in the customer service team who will follow a standard procedure.

This is as follows:

  1. During working hours (8.30 – 17.30 Monday to Friday), the Customer Service representative will contact the customer within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint, acknowledging that the complaint has been received, gathering any details missing from the initial outline given by the customer and resolving the complaint if possible. If a complaint is made over a weekend, the Customer Service representative will contact the customer as soon as possible on the next working day to acknowledge the complaint.
  2. If an immediate solution cannot be made in the initial response, the issue will be referred to the Customer Service Manager who will assign the relevant Redrow representative to resolving the issue, or agreeing a resolution within five working days of the issue being raised.
  3. The Customer Service Manager will contact the customer within two working days of the matter being resolved to ascertain that the customer is completely satisfied with the resolution.
  4. If the customer is not happy with the resolution or a resolution cannot be agreed with the Customer Service Manager, the Head of Customer Service will be informed of the matter and attempt to resolve it.
  5. Where it still has not been possible to come to a satisfactory resolution with the customer, the matter will be escalated to the Divisional Managing Director.
  6. Finally, any customers wishing to appeal the decision made by the Divisional Managing Director will be directed to the Regional CEO.
  7. Should an agreeable solution still not be achievable, the customer will be advised to seek external legal advice.

All responses to customer complaints will, where possible, be made by telephone. Failing this, the response will be made via the same medium as it was received.

Social Media

While it is against Redrow company policy to use social media as a platform for on-going conversations with customers, issues will be handled offline via telephone and/or email, adhering to the above procedure.

If a customer complaint comes in through social media, we will respond within 24 hours (during working hours) of its posting to acknowledge the issue, ask for contact details if needed, and refer the matter to the Redrow Customer Service team. Where appropriate, we will inform the customer of this action through their chosen social media platform.

Thereafter the team will follow steps 1 – 7 as outlined above to resolve the issue.

Should the complaint be initiated by a community stakeholder, it will be passed on to the Divisional Managing Director within 24 hours of posting. Actions and responses are within the Divisional Managing Director’s gift and dependent upon severity and nature of the issue raised.


  1. We acknowledge complaints within one working day of their receipt and undertake to investigate each thoroughly and respond appropriately.
  2. We try and resolve every issue on the first contact.
  3. We aim to resolve complaints or agree a resolution within five working days.

The Consumer Code

How does the Consumer Code look after you, the home buyer?

To put it simply, the Consumer Code is the rule book that all Home Builders have to follow and adhere to with their marketing, selling and aftersales care.

The Code is to ensure that home buyers:

  • Are treated fairly
  • Know what service levels to expect
  • Are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions
  • Know how to access speedy, low cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.
  • Feel free to download a PDF file of the Consumer Code, alternatively search for a brand new Redrow Home below.

For further information on the 2013 Consumer Code please visit

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