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When is the best time to sell your house?

Deciding when's the right time to put your house on the market can be difficult. If you're part of a chain or have already found the perfect new home for you, securing a swift house sale might be your main priority.

However, if you're not in a particular rush, you might be able to spend a bit more time making sure you get the best price and the right buyer for your home.

Of course, ultimately the best time to sell your home is whenever you're ready to move. Redrow homes are available all year round, so your dream home is waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

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What to know when buying with Redrow

  • Our Help to Sell scheme can help speed up the process of selling your house no matter the time of year.
  • With Help to Sell, we aim to complete the sale of your existing property within six weekss.

Is there a best time to sell a house?

Traditionally, the spring months have been considered the best time of year to sell a house - the warm weather tempts potential buyers out to get house hunting, and the photos your estate agent takes for marketing might even show some springtime foliage to tempt some viewings.

Of course, how long it takes for your property to sell will also depend on the wider housing market. Of course, different property types will sell best in different locations too, so it's worth having a look around at

what's for sale in your local area and having a chat with a property specialist if you're unsure.

When your chosen Redrow development opens for sale you’ll be able to speak to the team about the best next steps. If you’re unsure about the best way to get your current property on the market, our Help to Sell scheme might be just the thing.

Best months to sell a house

The Advisory used Rightmove data and has rated the period from late February to the end of June as a 'great' time to sell a house, based on "conventional wisdom" and the times the housing market is typically most active.

They also consider March to be the month to list your home if you need to try and secure a particularly fast sale. This is based on more data from Rightmove, which suggests it takes 57 days on average to sell a home in March, versus 79 days between mid-October and mid-November.

Best days of the week to sell a house

First and foremost, it's recommended to avoid putting any property up for sale in the days leading up to a major event. This can include Bank Holidays, religious days, national events, political events, or even sporting or entertainment events in the local area.

A home will rarely be sold immediately after being put up for sale, so sometimes there isn't really a 'best' day to add your property to an estate agent roster. However, there have been several studies into the most lucrative days of the week for sellers.

A 2017 study by Which found that homes in the UK listed on a Monday ended up selling a week earlier, on average, than those listed at a weekend. The Which study found that on average, properties that went up for sale on Monday sold in 176 days, versus 213 days for Sundays.

The best time to sell a house after putting it on the market

It stands to reason, but the first few weeks after a house is put on the market generally see the most interest. Potential buyers will be scouring the market for new additions, and the first 4-6 weeks after a home goes up for sale is often called the 'Golden Window' for securing the most competitive offers.

After a house has remained on the market unsold for much longer than this, buyers (and estate agents) can sometimes start to lose interest. This is when sellers may have to start thinking about adjusting their asking price, upping marketing, or even thinking about home improvements.

So, the best time to sell a house...

It's really important to note that the property market is always changing, and things like the local area, the type of property you're selling, the financial market and even the weather can all play a part in buyer behaviour. Plus, of course, you might need to put your house on the market

However, as a general rule of thumb:

The best months to sell a house are in the spring, between March and June.

The best month to sell a house quickly is March.

The best day of the week to sell a house is Monday.

Get help to sell your house

At Redrow, we offer an assisted move scheme called Help to Sell. It's designed to help make the process of selling your current home and moving into your dream Redrow home as soon as possible. Our Help to Sell scheme applies to any type of residential property, and our independent partner agents will work with you to agree a valuation that aims to sell your home in just six weeks.

For more information on Help to Sell or other assistance with moving into your dream home with Redrow even sooner, get in touch with your nearest development for further details.

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To the best of Redrow’s knowledge, everything in this guide is true at the time of writing. All descriptions, images and plans are illustrations, examples and/or approximations only and some processes listed may differ when buying a Redrow home, please speak with the sales team at your chosen development for more details. Redrow does not accept any liability or responsibility contractual or otherwise for any reliance on the information contained within the guide.