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New Homes for Sale in Midlands Areas

Those seeking to find their dream house in the Midlands will do well to look at the variety of new-builds on offer from Redrow. We have built a range of new homes in the Midlands with something on offer for all kinds of tastes and requirements. Crafted with care in hand-picked chosen locations, they are all designed to be suitable for a variety of lifestyles.

The Midlands is sandwiched between the northern and southern regions of England and bordered on each side by East Anglia and Wales. There is no strict rule defining how much of central England is included in the Midlands, but a number of counties such as Herefordshire and Oxfordshire are widely considered part of the region. The largest city of the Midlands is Birmingham and with many counties generally held to fall within the Midlands, the region offers a huge range of both urban and rural settings.

Those who are new to the region, and indeed those who have lived all their lives there, will enjoy fantastic transport links. As the Midlands is such a wide-ranging and varied region, it is difficult to give any specifics, however, the presence of major cities such as Birmingham and the prestigious university town of Oxford has promoted the development of great transport infrastructure throughout the bulk of the region. Different parts of the region tend to be well connected through both roads and public transport, and travelling outside of the region to the rest of Britain or even beyond tends to be easily achievable, so it is no wonder that new homes in the Midlands are extremely popular. Even the scenic rural parts of the region often don’t feel far away from the amenity-packed cities thanks to the ease of travel.

When building new homes in Midlands locations, Redrow always give careful thought to location. Many of our developments take advantage of the varied landscapes and strong transport links of the region to provide residents with a bit of everything. Quiet and often scenic locations have easy access to a wealth of amenities and bustling centres of activity and employment.

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