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Ep 25 Unpack Hacks

1st December 2022

Organisation is key to a happier home life… according to the experts. TV channels and streaming platforms are packed with programmes showing us how to stack our shoes or clear our cupboards. In this New Homes podcast Redrow’s Dom Walker is joined by professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn who offers up her top tips to bring order to our homes, and shares her favourite unpack hacks when it comes to moving.

Why has home organisation become so popular?

Home organisation isn’t just big, says Vicky, it’s ‘huge’! “It has been for years now,” she says. “One thing that people love is visuals. There’s a lot on social media of ‘how this could look in your home’ so people are definitely cottoning on to that and, also, the massive connection to wellbeing, the connection between decluttering and organising, and having the control back within your home.”

In the 12 years since she began her own business, Vicky has been fascinated by how people’s interest in home organisation has grown, and says the pandemic added to that: “To have all of that time, literally in your four walls, made a massive difference, and it had a massive impact on how much time people were spending in their home, therefore what they start to notice that they wouldn’t usually when rushing around.”

Clean space, clear mind?

Vicky explains how and why she believes organisation in the home can affect our wellbeing, giving an example of going to a yoga class, feeling calmed, and then returning to a home that’s cluttered and chaotic: “Piles of stuff that you need to sort, stuff that you haven’t taken out, that you haven’t dealt with… for me, shoulders would be back up, stress would be back there.

“If I don’t have control of my home, I feel more stressed, I feel more anxious. There are so many studies that show if there is so much visual distraction in our home, it can have such a negative impact on our wellbeing, and I think more people are standing up and listening and realising that it’s a really obvious connection.”

Redrow | Podcast | Unpack Hacks | Episode 25 | Moving home

Top tips if moving in the next six months

There are many ‘must-do’s if you are planning to move, and the first is to get a moving folder, whether that’s a physical one, a digital one, or a combination of the two.
“Without a doubt, one place for everything is vital,” says Vicky. “You want to be able to put your hand on something, you want as least stress as possible.”
Other advice includes starting a change of address list early, making a note of people to contact when you move, and starting to de-clutter before you leave your old home. “Get rid of stuff you no longer want before you move house, otherwise you’re paying removals people to carry it all over, you’re paying for that space and you’re just going to have to deal with it at your new property, and that should be somewhere where you’re starting afresh.”
Vicky also explains why you should be patient, too, when it comes to buying new things like storage furniture, and why it’s best to live in a home first.


Advice for moving home

Vicky gives her thoughts on how you can get children involved in the move – and when it might be helpful to get things done on your own – and details how people like her and her teams can help to unpack your personal belongings to make everything easier.

She suggests there are certain items you should always unpack first, including the kettle, teas and coffees, and items that should travel in the car with you – like the children’s favourite toys.

Thinking about priority areas to unpack is also key with children’s rooms and kitchens high on the agenda: “Kitchens are always really lengthy to unpack. I don’t think people realise that, I think they underestimate how long it takes,” says Vicky, who also stresses it’s important to do it right first time. If you think you can just get things away and do it properly another time? “It doesn’t happen.”

Redrow | Podcast | Unpack Hacks | Episode 25 | Organising at Christmas

How to stay organised – Including at Christmas

There are those who have everything arranged to the nth degree, but you don’t have to overdo it - otherwise you can feel disappointed if you can’t keep up. “If crisps are in a basket, they’re still organised,” Vicky says.

Revealing the magic answer to staying uncluttered is ‘to have less stuff’, she goes on: “I believe you could take, in the majority of homes in the UK, 50% of the belongings away and when you woke up the next day, I don’t think it would make a single difference to your day-to-day life.”

It makes organising systems easier, she says, and there are lots of things you can do with the items you get rid of without sending them to landfill: “It’s rare to find things that can’t be passed on and used for good in some way, shape or form.”

When it comes to the festive season, again, de-clutter before and, among other things, give the gift of experience ‘rather than the gift of stuff’!

Meet the guests
Vicky Silverthorn - Organisation expert
Vicky Silverthorn
Organisation expert

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