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A better way to move with Redrow

While some home builders will allow you to part-exchange your home in order to purchase a new one, we’ve developed an assisted move scheme called Help to Sell that works better for you and give you more control when it comes to moving.

How is Help to Sell different from Part Exchange?

Normally, part exchange schemes mean your current home needs to be a certain % lower in value than that of the home you're planning to purchase and is bought by the builder of the home you're planning to move into. 

With Help to Sell, Redrow simply helps arrange for your home to go on the open market, at a valuation you agree to. 

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Is Help to Sell better than Part Exchange?

Help to Sell is a great scheme if you already have a house to sell because you get support from independent, expert estate agents in quickly getting your home sold at a valuation you’re comfortable with. At every stage you’re in complete control and the decision to accept an offer on the home is 100% yours.

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How does Help to Sell work?

The process is really easy, once you’ve found a Redrow home you like and let us know you want to use the scheme, we’ll agree a valuation and marketing plan for your current home. We work with independent estate agents to achieve a quick sale and even contribute toward your fee’s. All that’s left for you to do is Reserve and move into your new Redrow home.

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Other ways we can help you move

Discover how easy and affordable moving into a new Redrow home can be when you use our range of incentives that are designed to help you move.

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Sell, save and move with Help to Sell

A beautiful new home and an assisted move from a company you can trust. Help to Sell is a scheme that help you to have an easy move.  

Help to Buy

Move into your new home with Help to Buy

Make the most of this Government-backed scheme for Help to Buy homes and move into your Redrow new build home with as little as a 5% depo...

Learn more about Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty

Discover all you need to know about Stamp Duty and how much you may need to pay when purchasing your new home.