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From dream to disaster – avoiding home renovation mishaps

Written by Redrow

26 Mar 2021

Easter weekend is the first major DIY weekend of the year – and, unfortunately, a prime time for home renovation mishaps.

Considering a doer-upper? Discover the true cost first...

If you’re in the market for your next home, you might be toying with the idea of doing up an older property. But many people who have taken on such a project have encountered delays, DIY disasters and disappointment, making them wish they bought a new build instead.

Whether you’d rely on contractor builders to renovate the house or take on a lot of the work yourself, doing up a property is costly and stressful – which you could probably do without. Plus, the reality of property renovation rarely lives up to expectation.

As we approach ‘DIY disaster weekend’, here are some common issues encountered with renovation projects that may very well inspire you to buy new instead...

Spiralling costs

You need to be prepared to part with tens of thousands of pounds to renovate an old property. And whatever your budget, you’re likely to blow it – especially when you factor in all of those surprise costs you’re bound to encounter along the way.

To give you a general idea, the HomeOwners Alliance has shared some average costs:

New kitchen – £10,000+

New bathroom – £6,000

Treating damp – up to £16,000

Installing central heating – £4,000

New roof – £4,500-£12,000

Fixing rot – £1,000-£2,000

Treating subsidence – £6,000

Constant interruptions

Just think: do you really want builders coming in and out of your home with your young family around? Don’t you want to work from home in peace, rather than to a soundtrack of hammers and drills? If you buy an older property, you have to be prepared for constant interruptions – at a time when being able to relax has never been so important.

Major renovation works will turn your house into a building site. That means bulky equipment, exposed wires, trip hazards, and possibly no heating. It might not be safe, let alone comfortable to live there – especially if you have younger children.

Hidden issues

People who buy older properties always dream of uncovering beautiful, hidden period features. But the reality is that they’re more likely to uncover things like damp (which can cost thousands of pounds to treat) or huge areas that need replastering.

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to keep or at least restore many of the features that make a period property so appealing. But you’re more likely to end up replacing (rather than restoring) many of these features because they’re in such poor condition. And you’ll pay a premium if you want to buy items fitting of the property’s age.

The alternative? Buy new from Redrow!

If reading all these pitfalls has put you off renovating a property, your best bet is to buy a new build from Redrow. No nasty surprises, constant interruptions or blown budgets – just a property complete with modern must-haves, from stunning open plan living areas, to luxurious en-suite bathrooms, private gardens and space for a home office.

Move into and enjoy from the outset

This is not to say that you won’t be able to put your own stamp on it, though. Choose a new build from award-winning developer Redrow and you’ll be able to personalise your property before you’ve even moved in. Thanks to My Redrow, you can choose your finishing touches online to make a new home as unique as you. Then, you can add even more character when you’ve got the keys!

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