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In designing its Heritage Collection, Redrow’s ambition was to take one of our country’s most revered architectural styles, Arts and Crafts, and bring it right up to date with designs to suit 21st century life.

While the exteriors celebrate the very best of this classic style, most prevalent in the still much-admired character properties of the 1930s, the interiors boast modern features and a high specification to suit the way we live today. Redrow’s Heritage Homes Collection has instantly recognisable kerb appeal and encompasses high quality craftsmanship, individuality, superior materials and attention to detail - the cornerstones of the Arts and Crafts movement.

To find out more, we spoke to our Group Design and Technical Director Stuart Norton about the origins of the Heritage Collection and how these popular homes continue to evolve to stay at the forefront of modern design. 

Stuart, what is it you admire about the Arts & Crafts movement and who will the Heritage Collection appeal to?

Arts & Crafts was a celebration of craftsmanship – a return to real standards, excellent materials, inspired design and individuality. Those are timeless values and never more relevant than when you’re creating beautiful places to live. 

It is for buyers who are looking for more than just a place to live. Your home is an expression of who you are and Redrow buyers value distinctiveness, style and detail. So the Arts & Crafts ethos is very much present in our Heritage Collection. 

We’re always looking at ways we can tailor our designs and layouts in line with changing lifestyles.

Tell us more about how the collection was originally designed?

We found we could learn a lot from the house builders and planners of the early 20th century. They brought real craft and care to their work. We’ve reflected this in a range of different house styles, many available in both brick and render – and sometimes stone - and all beautifully finished with artisan touches and features. Arts and Crafts inspired features include dropped eaves, projecting plinths, bays and other distinctive window styles and leaded lights. Many designs feature timber or tiled canopies over doors and windows, supported by decorative brackets, and other features such as larch lap boarding and embellished brickwork.

Every detail is considered right down to the front doors, which are painted in classic heritage colours such as sands, greys and gentle greens and feature glazed panels contrasted with black satin ironmongery. 

And how do the homes blend with their environment?

Many Redrow developments are designed around ‘Garden Village’ principles, where the environment around the homes is as important as the individuality of homes themselves. When the concept was first introduced, in the early 20th century, it was way ahead of its time. Today we still strive for that same kind of varied appearance in our properties and quality of environment that those early garden cities and villages achieved. We can do this by mixing different house styles together that complement each other and carefully planning the space around the homes.On average, a third of our developments are made up of green space, including communal village greens, play areas, and natural areas where wildlife can thrive. Open space is so important for our health and wellbeing, because living isn’t just about bricks and mortar, but also how people come together and take real pride in their surroundings. 

So you think previous generations would approve?

I do, but whilst we have drawn our inspiration from the past, the interiors of the Heritage Collection are absolutely focused on contemporary living now. In their technology, layouts, energy efficiency, and in the boutique feel of the interior design – this is where the crafts of the past meet the best of the present, with stunning results. 

What does the future hold for the design of Redrow’s homes?

We’re always looking at ways we can tailor our designs and layouts in line with changing lifestyles. Driven by research, we’ve developed our new ‘Heritage Lifestyle’ designs which use the space differently. Adapted from some of the most popular Heritage Collection house types, we’ve created homes with fewer bedrooms but larger, more usable living spaces, and spacious en-suites to all bedrooms instead of a family bathroom.We continue to strive to be at the forefront of design, while ensuring our homes are instantly recognisable and classic in style.

To find out more about the Arts and Craft Movement that inspired the Heritage Collection, watch the Art of Living film.

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